Caravans of the future - where are designers heading to?

How will caravans look like in the future? Do they even have a chance to be popular in a dozen of years? Young designers say that yes! In the era, where mobility is a particularly cherished value​​, caravans are still needed, but the vision of how they should look is changing.

Designers from the Austrian studio Nonstandard created the concept of a caravan Mehrzeller. In their view, it corresponds to the spirit of the times and reflects the current trends both in lifestyle and in the architecture.

Say what you want

The appearance of the caravan really distinguishes it from vehicles we know from our streets. Irregular shapes create a form of a bizarre capsule, which can be freely decorated and thus its appearance can be customized.

Moreover, the whole concept of Mehrzeller is based on this. The essence of the entire project is the ability to personalize each of the caravan, though it’s such an extent that for currently available manufacturers it’s impossible to provide such a selection.

The designers of this concept want the creation of the caravan to look just like the furnishing of a home with the help of an interior designer. The client provides his preliminary ideas, which can be done with a help of a computer configurator. Then, together with specialists, the project is being completed, and finally on its basis the caravan is built. Thanks to this each vehicle can be unique.

Mehrezeller uses the term of "mass customization", which means the combination of mass production with individualization of each product. The appearance and layout of interior and equipment used is a question of a customer preferences. In the visualizations you can see that thanks to the futuristic architecture, the interior of the caravan may seem much more spacious than in a standard caravan.

Move to an egg

David Tonkinson, a British designer, went even further with his vision and wanted to create something that would be the equivalent of an iPod in caravanning – a device that is small, but has big possibilities.


Tonkinson’s capsule looks like a big egg, but among caravans is rather a midget. The size, however, is an advantage, because the caravan was created for the modern inhabitants of big cities, and those will appreciate a vehicle with dimensions of 2.2 x 3.9 m. Thanks to this the capsule can be easily parked in a standard parking space.

If we wanted to spend some time inside, we can just use electronic actuators, which will extend the capsule on the surface of the large windows. The vehicle should easily fit two adults.

Available equipment doesn’t differ from what we can find in typical caravans, although the appearance of individual units rather reminds gadgets from science-fiction movies.

Any innovations in equipment? Yes. Electrochromic windows can darken after pushing one button (there’re no shutters or blinds). In addition, in the caravan you can mount seats with massage and other elements that will turn this vehicle into a little spa.

The designer also provides the opportunity to add awnings on both sides of the capsule that would look like tunnels of material – thanks to this space, from which users could benefit, will greatly increase.

Trends for the future

These two projects highlight three trends we can expect in the design of caravans in the near future.


The first is the pursuit of an extraordinary design. Modern caravan must not only be practical, but also must look amazing. The second trend is even greater than the previous efforts to make to most of a small interior. It can be expected that the future caravans will be small on the outside but very roomy inside. And the last but not less important trend - even greater individualisation of equipment and interior arrangements, so that they are adapted to the specific wishes of customers.

It’s definitely too early today to talk about the twilight of the caravanning era. Perhaps we are just at the beginning.

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