Celtic Rambler

Celtic Rambler - camping in royal style

Celtic Rambler is the most expensive caravan in the offer of British brand Fifth Wheel. If you’re dreaming of a big, five-wheeler that can be attached to pick-up, you’re in the right place!

Let’s start with the flaws. You won’t tow this caravan with Fiat Seicento, nor with Volkswagen Golf. An absolute minimum in this case is a strong pick-up, because Celtic Rambler weighs 3,200kg. With full loading – 1,100 kg – we’ll gain the permissible gross weight, which amounts 4,300 kg. And if so, driving license cat. B won’t be enough here.

Since we have explained that, let’s move to advantages. You don’t have to search too long, because of it’s slim, aerodynamic appearance this British beauty may gain new, keen adherents. The body was made of elements without wood in such a way, so to minimalize the number of joints. Thanks to that, Celtic Rambler should serve its owner for a long time, without causing any problems.

Really much space

The thing that distinguishes Fifth Wheel caravans is slide-out living area. So when we finally get to where we want to spend some time, we just press the button, and one of the walls slides out. Inside, in an expanded place, we can use a comfortable, 2,5 meters long couch!

Since we’re talking about dimensions, it’s worth to mention that the caravan measures 8,8 meters, it’s height is 3,3 m, and width 2,3 m. Thanks to such impressive size it fit, for example, a large bathroom with a shower covering the surface of 0,64 square meters.

The manufacturer boasts of a large bed in the size of 1,9 x 1,5 m around which you can walk without any problems. The second bed, which we get after unfolding the couch in the living room has no worse size: 1,9 x 1,35 m. Thanks to that people, who spend their time in the caravan shouldn’t complain about the lack of place to sleep.

Besides, the caravan has a full size wardrobe and numerous compartments – one of which was placed under the frame of the main bed. There’re also exterior compartments. The biggest one measures 3 square meters. Also, there’s a compartment for two gas bottles and one for a spare wheel.

Royal equipment

The interior was made of furniture in walnut color, which gives an elegant and classic impression (as opposed to the exterior appearance).

What is interesting is the kitchen in the shape of the letter L, which was located at the rear wall. The caravan simply has so much place, that the manufacturer managed to separate the cooking space a little bit aside. There’s of course a stainless sink and fridge-freezer (with a capacity of 175 liters). The caravan also has a full size gas kitchen integrated with an oven, as well as a microwave.

As standard Celtic Rambler is equipped in the heating system Alde, which includes both floor heating and a boiler. Clean and grey water containers have the capacity of 233 liters.

Here we can also find such trinkets as bathroom ventilator, hood in the kitchen, or gas and temperature sensors. For an extra charge you can get an air conditioning, leather upholstery, automatic suspension control system or a backup camera.

Without all those additional accessories, Celtic Rambler costs 51,500 pound (in Great Britain).