Dethleffs C'Go

C'Go caravan - Dethleffs for youths

Light, full of colors and relatively cheap – this is how new caravans C’Go are going to be. Currently, you can purchase them from Dethleffs, but in the future they will also appear in the offer of Bürstner and LMC.

I’m not quite sure why it took so long. So far, the interiors of caravans were almost identical, regardless of which brand we’ve chosen. Sometimes you could notice new fronts of furniture, sometimes it was a relish in the form of aluminum door handles or glass washbasins, however most often the producers didn’t have the courage to introduce even colors different that brown, black or white.

Kingdom of colors

C'Go is a breath of fresh air. From the outside, the caravan looks pretty classic, but inside we can choose some interesting color combination – apart from a set of grays and brick red color, the offer also includes the options with purple, blue, and green.

In combination with white walls, plain cabinet fronts and simple handles the whole looks neat and modern. Although the interior layouts are typical, fresh coloristic made that ​​in C'Go it looks surprisingly interesting. Amazingly, the floor which is an imitation of old boards suits the modern interior really well.

Al-Ko and GFK

It’s worth to pay attention to the large amount of open shelves and hanging storages, thanks to which it was possible to make the most of the space inside. There’s obviously LED lighting system. Unlike in some other models, here you won’t find any slats over or under the hanging cabinets, but even though there’s a lot of light spots.

C'Go is available in four versions (manufacturer targets at five). Each of them is based on the Al-Ko chassis, enriched with shock absorbers, overrun brake and clutch of the same brand. C'Go has a roof made ​​of GFK laminate, external compartment for gas cylinders and external supply of water, gas and electricity.

Two shorter and tighter versions…

The cheapest model – marked as 415 QL - costs 11,799 euros in Germany. For this price, we can purchase a caravan equipped with 3 sleeping places. The total length of the caravan amounts 629 cm, the width is 220 cm and height - 260 cm. Permissible gross weight is 1100 kg, though the load capacity only 100 kg.

Both in this and other versions, C'Go has a 44-liter fresh water container and 22-liter container for waste water. Under the tabletop you can find a small fridge with a capacity of 86 l, integrated with a 9-liter freezer. The caravan is equipped with a heating system Truma S 3004. A big plus is the installation of four 230 V power points.

Next on the list is model 475 EL. It’s longer - measures 682 cm. Instead of one double bed there’re two separate sleeping places. Permissible gross weight of the caravan is 1200 kg with a 150-load capacity. The price is 12,799 euros.

...and two longer and wider

When assessing the standard of a particular caravan, it’s worth to take a look at the amount of space available in the bathroom. In this regard, version 475 FR is pretty interesting. Only in this variant, we’ll find a bathroom sink. Besides, there are two double beds.

The length of the caravan is 689 cm, and its width - 230 cm. Permissible gross weight - 1300 kg. Load capacity - 220 kg. Nonetheless, we have to be aware of the price – it’s 12,799 euros.

The most, because 13,799 euros, we’ll pay for the model 495 QSK. But what really distinguishes it are bunk, single beds prepared specially for kids. Parents can sleep in a double bed. In this caravan it’s possible to provide 5 sleeping places in total. Only the users have to decide, whether they prefer a fifth place to sleep, or... a place for a mini-garage.

The longest version of C'Go measures 717 cm. It’s permissible gross weight amounts 1300 kg and a load capacity - 170 kg.

C'Go is an interesting proposition. It’s a chance to purchase a well-equipped caravan at a price that - in comparison with other models on the market - is quite attractive. But the price and the equipment aren’t all the distinguishing features of the new caravan. The original interior design will improve our stay on the campsite.

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2014.03.14 17:00
Right ;-) a bit heavy
2014.03.09 22:04
You need a good car to take the longest version of C'Go with You ;)