Mercedes Sprinter - BALCAMP

Change a van into a motorhome

During this year's Caravanning Exhibition the presence of the companies that deal with customizing vans into camping versions, or creating motorhomes from the scratch on a special request was strongly emphasized.

Companies that convert vans or buses in a specially equipped motorhomes on request, has been present on Polish market for a long time. Brand EbaCamp once again appeared In Poznan, showing that the interior prepared by Fiat Ducato can easily fit in, for example, a big motorcycle. In addition to conventional bodywork, EbaCamp also proposes containers for truck’s cabinets (we wrote about this in a separate article).

However, a lot more companies that rebuild customer’s cars showed up at this year’s fair in Poznan.


Among the new companies present on the Polish market, brand Balcamp certainly deserves a special attention. Marek Balicki, the owner of a furniture company, created a new brand. He decided to use the years of experience in the furniture industry to prepare his own car bodyworks. In the interview with, the owner didn’t try to hide the fact that he cares about creating a brand aiming at customers, who value high quality for a reasonable price. Therefore, cars prepared for the exhibition are based on Mercedes cars, and inside we won’t find only wood but also leather and alcantara.

Mercedes Sprinter Balacamp

Belcamp’s going to produce 20 custom-made motorhomes this year. According to the owner, the prices of his vehicles are currently comparable with the prices of cars with much weaker equipment. It is an incentive, because the brand wants to attract its first customers.

Europa Campers

It’s another new brand. Europa Campers was created by a company that previously dealt with the construction of wooden houses and yachts bodyworks. During the Caravanning Exhibition they presented one motorhome; another will be built for the fair in Dusseldorf. The company doesn’t hide the fact that it thinks seriously about export.

Europa Campers

All the furniture and windows are manufactured in Poland. Other equipment comes from popular companies. The customer can buy a car that will be subsequently converted, or the company may do that for him. The bodywork of course takes into account the personal wishes of each client.

Bus Kamper

BusKamper company had exhibited one vehicle at the fair as well. The option Voyage was created from the conversions of Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro and Nissan Primaster. The conversion costs 18 300 PLN (apx. 4 600 EUR) net, and the waiting time amounts approximately 4 weeks.

Bus Kamper

Voyage version includes some very important changes, such as ceiling, walls and doors insulation with a special material NcZ with closed pores and smooth floor on a soundproof mat with the top layer of 3-layer lining. The range of conversion also includes equipment, such as folding bed, armchairs, coffee table, an extensive installation of 12V and 230V, additional heating, compressor refrigerator, gas stove, couch, yacht toilet, clean and dirty water containers and LED lighting.

Easy Camper

Easy Camper had some very interesting propositions as well. The company offers motorhomes from German brand Clever, though they also make conversions that are very rare in Poland.

The company also offers lifted roofs for buses. The roof may be made of fabric or plastic material. Under the roof you can place a thin mattress that doesn’t take too much space, and can serve as a comfortable place to sleep.

Easy Camper

Easy Camper Box seems to be an even more interesting solution. It’s a modular bodywork, which can be quickly installed (and, if necessary, removed) the rear of the vehicle. Inside cabinets you can find a place for dishes, a sink with shower, compressor refrigerator with a capacity of 25 liters, sliding out countertop and storage for folding chairs.

Inside the vehicle you can find a folding mattress. It takes only few seconds to fold it back and gain a row of rear seats. What’s interesting, sitting in the back, you can reach into the refrigerator located behind the seats.

The cost of such conversion of the bus or van is 8500 PLN (apx. 2200 EUR). In addition, you have to pay 2000 PLN (apx. 500 EUR) for a refrigerator. There’s also a possibility to order a modular bodywork for Renault Kangoo or Volkswagen Caddy.

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