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Coffee maker in the car

A cup of espresso while traveling in a motorhome or in a car? Manufacturers are doing their best to provide some interesting solutions – including an outstanding offer of the brand Handpresso. As you can guess from the name, it proposes a handheld machines for espresso.

If, during a journey, you want to have a cup of a strong coffee from your own coffee machine, you have a quite wide selection. The cheapest option is a coffee percolator, or a kettle, in which we can make the coffee. The taste effects may be good, but brewing coffee requires an access to a gas or electric cooker. Even when traveling by motorhome or caravan, such solution will be quite uncomfortable.

Strong coffee at the campsite

Very interesting and impressively looking coffee machine is a device from Esbit. Camping coffee maker allows you to brew a strong coffee in almost all conditions, even far away from the civilization!

This device doesn’t require electricity, nor external gas source. This pressure coffee machine consists of a kettle and a lockable base that functions as a fireplace that heats the beverage. Tablets S Esbit are the fuel.

To prepare the coffee you may use any ground coffee, which you just pour into the upper container. This coffee machine costs in Poland approximately 200 PLN (50 EUR).

For caravan and motorhome

Already for less than 70 PLN (17 EUR) we can purchase a car coffee machine Waeco. The model MC 01 allows to prepare one cup of beverage (150 mL). The cup is included in the set.

To prepare the brew, just pour water, add any ground coffee and connect the plug into the socket (12V or 24V). When it comes to dimensions, this coffee machine is like a standard electric kettle –it can be used to boil the water as well.

There are also other coffee machines, in which you can prepare coffee for one or two cups. Usually, these are filter coffee makers that look like those for home use.

Coffee machine like a thermos

It's hard to resist the impression that in terms of convenience, the coffee machine Handpresso Auto is a top notch model. This device could be mistaken with a small thermos, if it wasn’t for an indicator that turns out to be a barometer. The maximum pressure that can be obtained in this device is 16 bars - which is more than in some coffee machines for home use!

To prepare a strong coffee with a delicate mousse with this device, we need 50 ml of water, coffee sachet ESE and a 12V car socket. That's all. Coffee brewing takes 2 minutes. After this time, you can enjoy a cup of strong, aromatic coffee.

A downside of Handpresso may be its price, which is higher than in the case of the aforementioned coffee machines. In Poland, the car espresso machine costs over 145,00 EUR.

There are also sets, which include coffee machine, two cups for espresso, a towel, and the whole is enclosed in a lightweight case. This facilitates the storage of the machine along with accessories. The case may also fit coffee sachets, sugar and stirrer. The whole costs 170 EUR.

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