Hybrid motorhome - Colim

Colim - new look of motorhomes

The idea of designing concept vehicles may seem an unnecessary waste of time. Nonetheless, bold visions pave the way for the future. So who knows, maybe in a dozen years a camping vehicle will look like Colim - a child of a German designer’s imagination.

There’s one fundamental problem with motorhomes. They are big, and thus it’s hard to drive them through narrow and winding streets of tourist towns. If you are traveling by such car, you will have to leave it in the parking lot pretty often before reaching your destination, and start exploring by using public transportation, taxis, or choosing a long walk. But even if you want to spend your vacation at the campsite, sometimes you have to go to town, for groceries or cleaning supplies.

The thing is much easier with caravans, you can leave it at the campsite, and go sightseeing by car. However, if you change the campsite pretty often, constant hooking and unhooking caravan may be a hassle.

Smart with a detachable trailer

Is a compromise possible? What if we imagine a small, agile Smart, thanks to which every place is easily accessible (well, at least a place, where the roads are in a good condition) connected to a big camping part? Of course, it wouldn’t be a caravan connected to the car by a traditional shaft - living area would simply slide out in a few dozen of seconds, so that you could drive without it. And then, both vehicles could be easily combined into one.

Such concept has been introduced by a German designer, Christian Susana. He named his conceptual vehicle Colim, which is an acronym of Color of Life in Motion.

According to the designer, smooth and aerodynamic shapes, may appeal particularly to women. Both the car that seems to be slightly larger than the Smart, as well as a quite big trailer connected to it, catches the attention with lots of glazed surfaces. Thanks to that, it looks futuristic, and the interior of the vehicle is full of natural sunlight.

A hybrid with modules

From the assumption, the car is supposed to be a hybrid vehicle, which would allow to combine pretty good performances with savings and ecology. The designer assumes that the vehicle could accelerate to around 160 km/h.

Colim looks ultra-modern not only from the outside, but also inside. The furnishings give the impression of modules integrated with each other. Here you can find tables, chairs, and even a sleeping floor. A cooker (perhaps induction) attracts the attention with a large display indicating the temperature of the burners. The door to the camping part were placed at the rear of the vehicle, though they seem to be mounted at a quite dangerous angle...

Well - the project may require some refinements. However, it certainly presents an interesting vision of how motorhomes may look like in the future. As for now, we don’t expect a mass production of Colim, though hopefully it would be an inspiration for manufacturers of camping vehicles.

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