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Centurion is a flagship model from the brand Concorde. This huge truck from Germany can easily compete with the most “pimped” camping busses from American manufacturers.

Large can do more. Huge motorhome means no compromises, which result from the lack of space, and give opportunities to install almost any equipment. Americans are leaders in the production of camping vehicles in the XXL size, but I have to admit that their work didn’t always impress me. When looking at them, I often got the impression that it’s hard to connect luxury and splendor with class and good taste.

But Concorde Centurion is totally different. From the outside it doesn’t pretend anything – you can see that it’s Mercedes Actros, which in the longest “camping” version measures even up to 12 meters! Inside, however, we’ll find a huge amount of luxury, though closed in a discreet and modern form. White, leather upholstery, some furniture fronts and white sink blend well with other accessories, mostly made of dark wood. The floor looks like it was made of high quality wood as well.

A heavy and strong giant

As I have mentioned before, the basis for Centurion constitutes Mercedes Actros. The strongest version has a 12,9 liter engine (six-cylinder, turbocharged), with 422 HP.

Most of the devices supporting the passengers part were installed between huge wheels and the floor. There’s enough place to fit, among others, 12 batteries weighing 700 kg, which can be charged with a help of the solar panels (420 Watt). Above wheels there’s a 400 liter sewage container. On the back of the vehicle you can make a convenient, lit garage for a Smart or Mini. The whole Centurion has a load capacity of 10 tons.

Studio flat with sliding out living room

The owner of Centurion may declare, that he owns a pretty spacious studio flat. The total living surface in case of Centurion 1200 amounts even 27,5 m2. It’s possible thanks to sliding out side wall, which allows to increase the living room. Lowering bed, suspended from the ceiling enables to make a good use of the space as well.

People travelling in Centurion surely won’t have any reason to complain. Stripped upholstery of the sofas can be treated as an announcement of the comfort. Luxury can be felt when using seats equipped in pneumatic suspension (there are maximum 5 of them).

Control and monitoring system

This huge motorhome is equipped in a full-size shower, there are large opening skylights and all this, what can we expect from a top class camping vehicle. The accessories include, among others, a dishwasher and coffee machine (Lavazza). But such car has to surprise us as well! Centurion has not only a heated floor but also a heated roof and side walls. Besides, the car is equipped with a system of 16 cameras! Thanks to them the driver can observe everything that is happening around the vehicle on multiple screens.

A control panel, located above the side doors, looks like boards from space ships, known from fantasy films. The multitude of buttons and indicators can make you feel dizzy, or at least force to review the manual.

The price of the model Concorde Centurion Liner 1020 G (10 meter model with a garage for smart) amounts in Germany a little bit over 450 000 EUR. But the top version 1200 will be surely more expensive.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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