CR-1 Carbon - a very unique caravan

CR-1 Carbon Global Caravan Technologies CR-1 Carbon Global Caravan Technologies

Luxury? That would be an understatement. This caravan is absolutely unique, and not only because of the equipment and unimaginably high price. The biggest novelty is the design – for the first time such a big vehicle was made ​​of carbon fiber.

Americans like to surprise the world by building things that are bigger and even more innovative than anyone else. The caravan CR-1 Carbon, developed by Global Caravan Technologies, is the best example.

Caravan made of carbon fibers

The key word in this case is the "carbon". The caravan CR-1 probably wouldn’t be such a sensation if it was just a small vehicle. Here, however, we are talking about a vehicle that measures more than 10 meters! How to manufacture walls and roof of carbon fiber, developing material to such monstrous sizes, yet remains a company’s mystery.

The most important thing is the effect – the caravan weighs only 2.7 tonnes! If it was made using the traditional technology, it would weigh at least twice as much. Surprisingly low weight will affect how the caravan will behave on the road, but mainly will dramatically reduce the consumption of the fuel. And there’s also the possibility of towing CR-1 by a car much smaller than in the case of an "ordinary" caravan of similar length.

It should be emphasized that particular elements of the caravan don’t have screws or joints. The vehicle has the form of a rigid shell, and it should affect both the tightness, moisture resistance and stability.

Luxury as a standard

With such revelations, the information that on-board equipment can be controlled by a tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows), doesn’t seem too revolutionary.

In the caravan you'll find everything you could only dream of - 700-watt solar system, large closets, a big bathroom and shower cabin, and even windows with adjustable dimming level.

A big refrigerator, microwave and a giant TV hung on the wall are just obvious things. The equipment also includes a washing machine, dryer, satellite and Wi-Fi router. The caravan is fitted in run-flat tires, which allow for an emergency ride on flat tires.

The caravan provides accommodations for up to 6 people, though there’re 8 seating places.

Another interesting thing is the price. The caravan will cost a considerable sum of 770,000 dollars! So if you have some “spare money” and want to spend it on a vehicle built according to space technology, CR-1 Carbon was created just for you!

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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