Dethleffs Campy Caravan

Dethleffs Campy - an absolute minimum

What can a company do, if it has an obsolete product in the offer? It can add some designer accessories and announce that it’s a vintage model. We suppose that this is the way, in which the concept of Dethleffs Campy was born.

Small and cramped, but not bad. The style of Campy refers to the fifties. Compact size and sleek curves make the smallest vehicle from Dethleffs pretty nice, and thanks to its low weight it can be towed even by a small car. The caravan is available in three colors: white, gray and blue. The blue version can be enriched with veneer.

Luxury for two

Campy is available in two lengths and four versions. Shorter model (001 and 002) measures 496 cm. Model Luxus (001 and 002) has 515 cm. All are 213 cm wide. Versions marked as 001 have a fixed double bed and a big compartment. Option 002 has a seat in the shape of the letter U, which can be transformed into a double bed.

Campy has an active suspension system Al-Ko Classic, independent wheels suspension and galvanized body. 42 cm thick floor is made up of layers of aluminum sheet, polystyrene and plywood. Because the roof is sloping, the interior height isn’t constant - in the highest point reaches 194 cm, in the lowest - 146 cm. Optionally, you can place a window with lighting panel in the roof.

Upper cabinets deserve a particular attention. Their fronts have holes that can be successfully used as places, where you can suspend hangers for clothes. Thanks to such ideas, you can make the most of this small place.

A very modest standard

In the standard, apart from beds and rather capacious cabinets and compartments, we can also find a sink and two-burner gas stove. Water tank has a capacity of 19 liters. Everything else requires an extra charge – optionally there’s even a bathroom with toilet and sink, as well as 86-liter fridge with a 9-liter freezer. That’s why it’s not surprising that you have to pay extra for heating system Truma. It’s the same when it comes to the front window and “stable support legs”.

If we don’t want to get a "bare" vehicle, we should add about 2 thousands Euro to the basic price on the very beginning.

Campy 001 and 002 have a permissible weight of 750 kg, and the unladen weight of 630 kg. Gross weight can be increased to 900 kg. Such caravan costs 9,612 Euro in standard version, plus 1,000 Euro for transportation to Poland.

Luxus version costs 12,988 euro (with transportation). The unladen weight is 720 kg and the permissible gross weight - 900 kg. Gross weight can be increased up to 1000 kg.

In conclusion - Campy is a good solution for couples who need a light, very basic caravan, with two comfortable sleeping places. If the ease of driving and a mattress for two people is everything you need, this caravan is for you.

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