Dethleffs Premium Liner

Dethleffs Premium Liner - motorhome for demandaing customers

Here’s Iveco Daily in a version, which can be rarely seen on a daily basis. For Dethleffs Premium Liner it’s a flagship model - so important, that it rolls off the separate production line.

Technically, we are dealing with a modernized Iveco Daily 70 C17 with a 3-liter JTD engine with a capacity of 170 HP. But for this car you have to pay a lot more than for a delivery car. Dethleffs offers a camping version of this vehicle at prices ranging from 177,900 EUR (in Germany).

Capacious as a truck

In return we get a car that is nothing like its prototype – it looks rather like a sleek bus, than the delivery car. It’s thanks to large compartments, also available from the outside, located between two layers of the floor. Large garage, however, should dispel the doubts - such facility is typical for premium motorhomes.

A large amount of storage space is a crucial thing in case of the camping vehicle, even in one as large as the model with a length of 8,99 meters, width of 2,32 m and height of 3,5 m (interior height amounts less than 21 m). Premium Liner’s maximum gross weight is 7 tons, and its capacity is equally impressive – it amounts 1.685 kg!

Inside, compartments can be found everywhere, wherever it was possible to place them. Quite ingenious are shelves placed at the sides of the bed base, as well as those in the living room, between the window above the sofa, and the driver’s side window.

Large beds

Motorhome was designed for four passengers. There may be one major bed, with dimensions of 200x150 cm, or two single beds (200x80 cm). These beds were placed on wooden frames and covered with foam mattresses.

Another double bed was also placed under the roof of the cab. It’s nicely integrated into the surface of the roof and can be electrically lowered. It has dimensions of 200x140 cm.

Small bathroom

The sleeping area was connected with the toilet, in which there was a room for a small, but separate shower cabin with glass doors. The shower is connected to a strong pump that allows to get the water pressure comparable to that of domestic installations.

In bathroom there’s obviously a sink, chemical toilet, there are also mirrors and quite spacious cabinets. The heater also serves as a hanger and towel dryer.

This space may be separated both from the living room and the bedroom. And only then you can see how little space is left in this narrow compartmernt.

Decent equipment

There are two large skylights in the living room. In one of them you can put a 6-lamp, LED lighting, while in the second window, lights were placed around it.

Some models were equipped in an excellent-looking control panel in the form of three circular analog indicators with white dials and black hands. Other elements of equipment look rather typically for motorhomes of this class, including leather upholstery (available optionally) which gives the interior a luxurious character.

Liner Premium makes a good impression thanks to the equipment, although it must be admitted that many accessories require an extra charge. It’s worth noting, however, that in this motorhome may be equipped in a hood, dishwasher and coffee maker, while soft-closing drawers can be fitted with a central locking.

The vehicle is available with a 190-liter fridge integrated with a 35-liter freezer. On request, it may also have a steel door. Sanitary containers are equally big. Fresh water container holds up to 320 liters (including the boiler - 100 l), while the sewage container has a capacity of 222 l.

Liner Premium is also equipped in 6 outlets 230 and 2 - 12V.

Dethfless has created a successful camping vehicle - with an original exterior, practically equipped and with a decent interior. Maybe it lacks in some special fireworks, though rich furnishings, capacious tanks and proven solutions seem to fully compensate for that. This motorhome must meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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