Hymer Eriba Nova Light

Eriba Nova Light - reason above all

Among caravans from Eriba brand, model Nova Light is somewhere in the middle. This caravan is not the biggest, not the most luxurious, but it also isn’t the cheapest. So perhaps it’s a good compromise in terms of price and comfort.

Compact from the outside - comfortable in the inside, that’s how the German manufacturer advertises his product. Although the Nova Light is about six meter long, each of the four versions has four beds. The inside height is 1.98 m, which means that most people won’t have to bend down, for example, during cooking. The width is 2.12 m. Because the permissible gross weight amounts 1.200 kg (which, for an additional charge, can be increased up to 1,500 kg) even a small car can tow the caravan.

From the outside the caravan looks classic. It’s distinguished by round rear lights, located just above the lower edge of the vehicle. The roof and side walls are made of lightweight aluminum . The space between the walls and breathable inner plywood was filled with polyurethane foam. The individual layers are joined without gaps and bridges. The same applies to the jointing of the roof and walls. Thanks to this, the construction is leakproof.

Four options

Eriba -Nova Light is available in four variants. Three of them measure 607 cm, with the inner length of 430 cm each. In the version of the total length of 526 cm, passengers have at their disposal 470 cm of the inner length.

What differs these four variants ? Details. In the model 380 there’s a double bed and two bunk beds, and the front doors are located closer to the back. In versions 425 and 450 both beds are double (though they’re set differently), and the front doors located closer to the front.

The most distinguishing feature is the interior arrangement of the biggest caravan – 470. Here, the doors were placed closer to the back, at the rear there’s a seating area, which can be turned into the sleeping area (in other versions it was located in the front of the vehicle). What’s more, two single beds were placed on both sides of the caravan, along the axis of the vehicle (in other models the bed was placed across).

No shower

Each version has a bathroom with a toilet, sink and cabinets. Unfortunately – there’s no shower, and the bathroom itself is so small (95x79 cm), that the photographer had to take picture from above to encompass the whole. We can be sure that there isn’t a lot of space, but in the end we are talking about a small caravan.

The equipment includes two 13 -liter fresh water containers, 22 -liter gray water container, 60 - liter fridge (80 -liter – for an extra charge), 3 -burner gas stove, 230V outlets in the living room, kitchen and bathroom and a heating system Truma S 3004 and S 5004 (depending on the model) with automatic ignition. Eriba -Nova Light has also a compartment for two gas cylinders .

The caravan presents classically both from the inside, as well as from the outside, but even though is attractive. The nice interior is functional (it has a lot of cabinets and storages), and thanks to the large windows and LED lamps passengers should not complain about the lack of light. All in all - we can count on a good quality and good standard, but without the elements that could be considered a superfluous luxury.

Eriba-Nova Light in Germany costs about 18,000 EUR.

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