Hymer Eriba

Eriba touring

There are people, who presuppose that in terms of equipment caravan will always lose to a camper. Does a small Eriba-Touring give the grounds to challenge this opinion?

OK, even the most skeptical could be convinced that the caravan measuring 7-8 meters can be equipped no worse than a luxury motorhome. But what can you say about the caravan, which in its shortest version measures 483 cm, while in the longest 576 cm? Touring is the shortest model sold by the brand Eriba (the owner is known for the production of motorhomes, German Hymer ).

From the outside, the trailer doesn’t seem large, and its slightly rounded shapes and slanting part of the front wall suggest that the space wasn’t used optimally. When we get inside, the impression won’t be so bad, but it’s hard to talk about the spaciousness. Only the longer look at the interior will convince us that such a small space could fit relatively rich furnishings.

The whole looks pretty good thanks to the nice upholstery. A lot of storage space deserves a praise - compartments were placed both under the ceiling, as well as under a kitchen table. LED lighting is located by the cabinets, and the additional lights may be useful in the evening, when reading.

Next to a single-chamber stainless steel sink there’s two-flame cooker covered with a glass top. If you raise it to a vertical position, it becomes a fire protection. There’s also a place for a 70-liter fridge with freezer in the kitchen.

A characteristic feature of Eriba-Touring is a rising roof. After rising it, there’s much more place over the heads and its canvas sides provide an adequate ventilation of the interior. One can only wonder whether this solution can also be used in winter ... In addition, the ventilation is possible also through the windows.

Quite a large table may come as a surprise, while in more expensive versions there’s a modest bathroom with an extra sink, shower, cabinets and mirror, which after raising the roof can be adjusted vertically.

A good sleep is ensured by a comfortable sprung mattresses. The caravan, depending on the version, can accommodate 2, 3 or 4 persons.

The caravan can use a heating Trauma S 3004. The water can be heated by an electric heater or gas boiler. Eriba-Touring can be equipped with 30-liter fresh water tank, and a 40-liter sewage container. It ‘s also worth mentioning that the caravan is equipped in 3 electrical outlets.

In conclusion, Eriba-Touring is a proof that even such a small caravan can fit the majority of the typical camping accessories. Unfortunately, it’s at the expense of a space. Besides, the price of a new caravan of this class isn’t particularly attractive. To buy Eriba-Touring you have to spend, depending on the model, about 15-20 thousands Euro. However, if someone dreams of a small and well-equipped caravan, Eriba-Touring is the right model.

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