Fendt Bianco 2014

FENDT Bianco caravan 2014 - the dominations of advantages

Fendt is a German manufacturer, who wants to be seen as a reliable creator of caravans at a price that is not controversial. Additionally, he keeps upgrading his models - in 2014 the changes included, among others, one of the cheaper models - Bianco.

Fendt rarely introduces spectacular changes to its caravans. He rather tries to carefully listen to suggestions from his customers, and improve the offer with small steps. This also relates to Bianco. In the palette of seven models, Bianco is the second proposition, right after the basic model Saphir.

Bianco is one of the middle class caravans. It comes in seven variants, in lengths from 4,51 to 6 meters. Permissible gross weight ranges from 1300 to 1600 kg, and the prices (in Germany) start at 15,600 euros. The most expensive model with the basic equipment costs 19,850 euros.

Modern sleeping alcove

In the new season, Bianco has minimally changed on the outside. More important, however, is the newly designed kitchen area, and sofas that were divided into 3 parts, facilitating the access to the compartments under them. These and similar changes have improved the functionality of the caravan.

A very interesting new feature is the enrichment of a large bed with two adjustable headrests. They don’t only look great, but most of all allow to rest your head comfortably, eg. when reading. It's a bit like enriching the caravan with two comfortable chaise longues.

In versions, with two single beds, there is a possibility to place an additional frame between them, and thus to create a third sleeping place. Thanks to a thick spring mattress, the bed should be very comfortable. It’s worth noting that the bed frame is adjustable.

Another new feature is an aesthetic shelf between the headrests, which can serve as a bedside table. At its center is an additional shelf with lighting adjustment and littlel shelves for small items. It would be very useful, if such shelves appeared in other places of the caravan.

Surely, the new version of Bianco has a much better design than the previous ones. A good impression is intensified by the large number of LED lights - here you'll find and large ceiling lights and reading lamps, and a backlit bar, as well as illuminated upper cabinets. The light comes into the caravan also through two large sunroofs.

Lots of advantages, just a few drawbacks

Does Bianco have some cons? Unfortunately yes, but they can be considered not important. For example, hinges of furniture in bathroom may be a bit uncomfortable. Obviously this is a small thing, as long as no one hit them. The manufacturer explains, that the use of large metal hinges was necessary to retain the solidity of furniture. Among other small defects may be the lack of automatic igniter in the gas stove.

The very construction of the caravan isn’t too impressive either. Forged aluminum, plastic insulation and a wooden frame is a system that is slowly fading in the past, though is still used in Fendt.

Let's not be too pessimistic though, the more that Bianco has a lot of good things to offer. Especially noteworthy is a load meter, that shows how much load can be added to the caravan, in order not to exceed the permissible gross weight.

Fendt Bianco is a well thought-out caravan. If the minor flaws will be eliminated, and the wooden frame will be replaced with a modern, lightweight construction made of composites, the manufacturer will be able to be fully proud of his work.

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