Fendt Opal SRF

FENDT Opal 560 SRF - a caravan for demanding customers

Manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes are doing quite well on the market, despite the high prices of this type of equipment. Budget caravans’ models provide only the bare minimum for two or three people, we won’t find too much space there or comfortable additions - in a reasonably configured price we get a sheer minimum.

Market requirements

However, not every driver will like the Spartan conditions of small and low-cost models, some of them expect something more than a place to sleep and gas stove. Especially for them, caravans’ manufacturers have the offer of uniaxial structures offering surprisingly a lot of space, and a whole list of useful optional equipment.

It would seem that the bulky caravans focused on comfort are equipped with two-axle chassis that provides better handling, at the expense of worse maneuvering - the two axes have larger resistance. The company Fendt, with their model Opal 560 SRF, proves that the reality is different. Just notic the size of the caravan - 636 cm long and 250 cm wide – and you will know how the space inside looks.

Functionality for four

Designers of the caravan put functionality and joy of use in the first place. All windows open, while people can separate themselves from the outside world with roller blinds and curtains - interestingly, we also have a panoramic, opening sunroof. Once you get inside, behind the front door - also equipped with a hinged window - you come across a round table with sofa bed around it. On the right side of the door you can find a sizable refrigerator (Dometic Slim-Tower with a capacity of 140 liters), adjacent to the first large closet.

On the opposite side, in the central part of the caravan, there’s a nice kitchenette with a three burner gas stove, single chamber sink and a large top. Above you may find many cabinets and shelves where you can store your holiday equipment.

Bedroom and "bathroom"

In the rest of the interior you can find two more sleeping places (previous appear after folding the oval table) over which was hanged a number of cabinets. Of course, under the bed you will find spacious compartments for various accessories.

Right next to it the manufacturer provided a small - open - space for a compact sink with a mirror and practical shelves. In the corner of the caravan there’s a lockable chemical toilet from Thetford - which, interestingly, can also serve as a shower cabin.

Good facilities

Extensive electrical system will allow us to mount a decent audio system, and even a suspended TV. A constant supply of hot water is ensured by a 45 liter tank (with fill indicator) and an electric boiler Truma - waste water goes into the tank with a capacity of 23 liters. The caravan also has a gas heating with fan Trumatic, serving well also in the late autumn.

Weighing 1700 kg caravan Fendt Opal 560SRF is not an offer for everyone, because of the price oscillating around 100 000 PLN. Huge curb weight requires a solid tug. In return, you get a comfortable space for four people.

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