Ford Nugget Westfalia

Ford Nugget Westfalia 2014

Ford Nugget, prepared by the German company Westfalia Mobil is available (for special order) in the official Ford dealer network in Germany. It can be concluded that the manufacturer fully accepted the changes applied in the camping version of Transit.

Ford Nugget Westfalia in the version for 2014 was presented at this year's fairs in Dusseldorf. From September this year, the car can be ordered at Ford dealers.

The price of the vehicle consists of two elements. For the car you have to pay 36 000 EUR in version with 125 HP engine, or 38 000 EUR for a stronger engine – 155 HP. In both cases the car is powered by 2.2-liter turbo diesel with six-speed manual gearbox.

However, in order to get the camping version, you have to pay extra quiet a lot, because 16 184 EUR. That's more than the half of the price of the car with a weaker engine. And a motorhome in the size of a van for the price of 52 and 54 thousand EUR is a lot, even in the opinion of the German media.

With high roof

Nonetheless, in return we get a car that doesn’t look like a van with additional, camping elements, but as if it drove straight out of the Ford factory already in Westfalia version. From the outside, this model is characterized by elevated roof with windows on both sides. It's probably the only one, however very obvious, distinguishing feature of this vehicle.

The interior is equally interesting. The floor was covered with a material imitating wood. In the kitchen, there’s a countertop imitating black stone. The surface of the table is the same. Seats are upholstered in gray material, but all the other furniture (lockers and cabinets) are white. The combination of gray and white positively influenced the overall appearance of the interior.

L-shaped kitchen

Since we are talking about a van, the place inside is very limited. Considering, how little space the designers had, it’s worth to appreciate both their efforts and the final effect. Most importantly, they tried to clearly separate kitchen from living and dining area.

The countertop is in the shape of the letter L, so you can cook here conveniently. 2-burner stove and sink allow for doing a similar job, as in much larger motorhomes. Under the countertop there are lockers, drawer, and next to it - 40-liter fridge-freezer. There is even a special hanger for cloth, mounted under the top. The dining area is separated from the living area with a deep, trough-shaped compartment, in which you can place, for example, jars and bottles with spices.

Without a toilet

In the living area there are four seats. Two of them constitute an integrated couch, placed in the same position as when driving. On the other side of a fold-out table (you can spread one or two tops) are the driver and passenger seats that can rotate 180 degrees.

And where's the bathroom? Unfortunately, Ford Nugget Westfalia doesn’t have such a facility. Well, you can use a shower, by connecting it to the outside of the vehicle, but the chemical toilet didn’t fit there. Instead, there are containers for clean and dirty water, with a capacity of 42 liters. The equipment also includes LED lighting, heating, there are also side windows with dimming system and mosquito nets.

Four sleeping places

Although the interior is quite tight, the motorhome can comfortably sleep four people. Under the elevated roof there’s a folding bed, which after spreading has 2.10 x 1.41 m. People sleeping on the top have a separate, opening windows only for themselves!

The second bed can be arranged by connecting the seats on the bottom. In this way you can get the "bed" in the size of ​​1.90 x 1.30 m.

The equipment of Ford Nugget is attractive not only in terms of camping. The car has an on-board computer, cruise control, air conditioning, a start-stop system, heated windshield, sliding side doors and hinged rear doors with heated window.

In conclusion, it can be assumed that Ford Nugget Westfalia is a well-equipped, comfortable bus for four people, which, if necessary, will also provide an accommodation and a place to prepare dinner and breakfast. However, it shouldn’t be treated like a full-size motorhome for long trips. It’s simply too small for that.


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