LMC Musica Caravan

German Caravan - popular LMC Musica

This caravan comes in 17 variants. Sorry, but we won’t describe all of them. We'll try, however, to indicate the main differences and similarities between different versions of the caravan LMC Musica.

Musica puts emphasis on relax and brings a comfortable rhythm to our lives – that’s what says the advertisement on the manufacturer's website. And how it is in reality?

LMC is a German company that manufactures campers and caravans. Caravans are manufactured in three series – Scandica, the best equipped model, specially adapted for winter conditions, Maestro is a middle class caravan, and Musica is a basic model, but not in every version shorter than her richer brothers.

Musica can accommodate from two to six people. But usually it has 4 beds.

Small, but with everything important

In the shortest model, which measures 6.083 mm (4.768 mm inside), may be tight. Because the version 390 D is designed for two people, the manufacturer managed to fit there a kitchen and a bathroom. On the left from the door there’s a gas stove and sink. Then, there’re soft-closing cabinets and a 103-liter fridge.

In front of the entrance is a table, around which were placed two couches. Behind the one on the right there is a double bed, which was placed in front of a wardrobe and a private bathroom, with a shower tray integrated with chemical toilet and sink.

The upper part of the vehicle serves as a place for ceiling cabinets, two skylights surrounded with LED lighting in a decorative wooden casing (in the color of furniture).

There’s a 44-liter fresh water tank and 25-liter gray water tank. Permissible vehicle weight is 1200 kg, but for an extra charge it can be increased by 300 kg.

Big can (a little bit) more

Let’s take a look at the longer, biaxial version. Musica 725 K measures 9.302 mm, with 7.963 mm of the living space. This model is able to provide an accommodation for up to 6 persons, but it would be good if two of them were children (for adults it may be too tight).

The capacity of the fridge, as well as of the tanks is identical as in the smallest model, which may leave us a little bit unsatisfied, considering the dimensions. The question of a bathroom was solved similarly – toilet seat is integrated with shower tray.

Nonetheless, here we won’t feel the extreme tightness in this version, and an additional advantage would be heating system Truma 5002 SL. Permissible vehicle weight is 2,300kg.

The golden mean

As it often happens, the most reasonable choice may be the middle version, such as Musica 540 D with a length of 7686 mm (inner length - 6355 mm). Permissible vehicle weight of this version is 1.600 kg.

This model has four beds, but the bathroom and shower takes the entire width of the vehicle in the rear. As a result, there’s much more place. The heating and tanks are the same as in the model 725 K, and it seems to be enough space inside for four persons.

For each version you can buy a pop top made of fabric. In such sliding structure you can put an extra mattress for two people.

In Germany, you have to pay for Musica from 17,400 euros for the model 390 D, about 18-20 thousand euro for the intermediate models, after nearly 28 thousand euro for 725 K. Standard equipment can be enriched with packages.

In summary, Musica isn’t a vehicle that can meet the sophisticated tastes of demanding customers. Using the imposed name of comparison, it’s rather a pop music for the average listener than a real concert for music lovers. But we listen to this pop music the most often. And this might be the recipe for success by LMC.

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