Dethleffs Globetrotter XL

Globetrotter XL - luxury motorhome

Dethleffs Globetrotter XL doesn’t resemble Fiat Ducato at all, although as most motorhomes, it’s based right on that Italian vehicle. The German manufacturer however, took care of the maximal customization of one of its biggest models.

Globetrotter XL is one of the biggest models put out by Dethleffs company – an experienced manufacturer of the caravans and motorhomes. XL size obliges, so that the biggest model of the series measures 862 cm (the smallest 792cm). The width of each XL model is 233 cm. The car, however, isn’t too high – it measures 293 cm.

Both the front, as well as other walls of the vehicle has been designed from the very beginning, so even experts won’t notice, that the car vas based on Fiat Ducato. To see it, you have to look inside the driver’s cockpit and under the hood.

Big as a lorry

What’s interesting, the length doesn’t influence the prices, which oscillate around 103 – 106 thousands euro, depending on the model (with basic equipment). As long as the differences in prices shouldn’t concern you, many drivers will be upset by the permissible gross weight, which is up to 5000kg. It means that in order to drive Globetrotter XL, you need to have a driving license required to drive a lorry.

Globetrotter XL isn’t tight. This vehicle offers an equipment of a very good quality, as well as appropriately much space.

With such dimensions and price, it’s obvious that there will be a toilet with shower. Good quality of furniture, which can be polished, really please the eye. The cabinets are deep and have a lot of well-thought storages (even under the bed). A big, panoramic windscreen is a big advantage.

A good standard

The standard version goes with a 190 liter refrigerator with a separate, 35 liter freezer. But the most impressing thing is the capacity of the containers for clean and waste water. The waste water container can contain up to 156 liters, while the clean water container (along with boiler) has the capacity of 166 liters.

In the car you can find three outputs 230 V and two for the devices supplied by current 12V. System ALDE is responsible for heating. There’s a double floor, which means that under the imitation of floor panels there’re additional compartments (30 cm high).

Enumerating the elements of serial equipment, it’s worth to mention about the roller blinds, which can cover the windscreen, a control panel, a rich set of LED lighting, as well as about efficient air circulation system. The camper has a place, to which you can connect two gas bottles.

More for an extra charge

For an extra charge you can have, for example, a lowering bed, heated seats and even a massaging mattress. In the kitchen you can install an oven with grill, or a microwave. In lounge space you can have a flat TV with satellite. Other elements, which can complete the equipment are, for example, a smoke detector or a backup camera.

The customers can choose the upholstery of sofas and seats. They can choose between the six types of upholstery, including two leather versions.

The Globetrotter XL can fit in four people. Only the model I7870-2 allows you to equip the vehicle in six sleeping places.

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