Burstner Grand Panorama i920G

Grand Panorama - Burstner Motorhome

Can a car be at the same time a luxurious apartment? Yes, but there’s one condition. It has to cost that much as well.

The model Burnstner Grand Panorama is probably the biggest hit of the passing year’s camping trade fairs. Though it’s a model for the year 2013, you can buy it now. Nonetheless, it’s hard to say that the price of a model, which was based on Fiat Ducato, is occasional. The model i920, equipped with 3-liters engine with 177 hp, costs nearly 124 thousands Euro in Germany. It’s a priceat which you can as well buy an apartment in big city.

The comparison with the apartment is not accidental. Grand Panorama doesn’t look at all like Fiat Ducato from the outside. This rather raises the associations with a futuristic bus. Just look inside, and then you’ll see its real advantages. The interior design and quality of materials simply delight. Here it cannot be said that Grand Panorama is "like an apartment." It’s the apartment in the full sense of the word - comfortable, spacious and luxurious.

Everything is well thought out to the smallest detail. Name Grand Panorama is associated with a huge windscreen, which allows you to enjoy the landscape without any limitations. Leather, well-contoured seats for driver and passenger can be reversed so that you can sit at the table together with the other passengers, lounged on leather couches (some are fitted with safety belts). Over the heads, along the vehicle, storage compartments and spot lights were hidden. In the rest of the cabin there is a place for TV (Satellite folds automatically) and a backlit bar with handles for glass, on which the panel, which controls all devices inside, is located.

The kitchen is lit not only by spotlights, but also by sunbeams which come through a large sunroof. Under the kitchen cabinets and hood there’s an extra hinged window, which is very helpful when you want to get rid of the cooking odors. The gas stove, sing and refrigerator (160 liters) are of course a standard, nonetheless, here everything is conformed not only to the functionality, but also to design. It’s worth to look even at the stove burners covered with a clear table top with aluminum frame.

The main bed is a king-size bed, with storages, as well as wide mirror (the entire width of bed). A couple lying in bed won’t have any problems with watching tv, because it’s hung on the opposite wall. There’s another variant of furnishings, where the king-size bed was replaced with two smaller beds. The main bedroom is located in the middle of vehicle. Apart from bed, there’re two wardrobes, where you can hang the drapes and curtains.

The second bed is suspended from the ceiling, right behind the driver’s and passenger’s seats, but thanks to the panoramic windshield, even children sleeping there won’t have any claustrophobic fears.

Grand Panorama also include a separate, lockable shower, as well as lockable toilet with sink (the bathroom fixture is made of ceramics).

What else can be found in this incredible camper? It’s difficult to mention everything! The attention is drawn on the floor compartments, security doors, automatic air conditioning, reversing camera, pleated blinds (they protect from the sun and provide privacy), water heating system. The exact equipment depends on the specification of a particular model. The more expensive versions have a place for a small garage, which fits e.g. a motorcycle.

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