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Is it possible to make pitching and packing a tent easier? Heimplanet proves that yes. The tent can be pitched in just a few minutes! In addition, such a temporary home doesn’t have to look boring.

The biggest problem with traditional tents is that you have to pitch and pack them, which may take a lot of time if you don’t have too much experience. As a result, our desired trip begins with experience that surely won’t leave nice memories.

Especially for Audi

But life can be easier, as evidenced by really interesting solution proposed by the German company Heimplanet. Recently, they’ve presented a tent dedicated to a specific model of the car - Audi A3 Quattro.

It has to be admitted that the idea is rather strange and perhaps it’s more about advertising than practicality. Tent is attached to the back of the car, as in the case of tents for camping vehicles. Except that in the motorhome such a combination makes sense. The aim was to enlarge the space combined with the car and create some kind of "garden", and to have an easy and convenient access to the car from this place.

In case of Audi A3 Quattro, regardless of what tent we attach, we’ll get an access only to a small trunk. The question for which we don’t know the answer, is: "why?"

However, if someone can answer such a question, or doesn’t feel like asking at all, can opt for originally looking design that fits neatly with off-road model of Audi.

In addition to its original appearance, all tents from Heimplanet distinguish themselves with a system of tubes that look like long balloons (those that can be purchased from street vendors and are tied in the shape of a dachshund or other animal). Balloons, like it befits them - require inflation. And that's it! Instead of wasting time on pitching the tent, you just spend a few minutes to inflate it.

The tent can be used with a car, but you can also use it separately. Inside we’ll find a kind of vestibule, from which you go to the proper tent, or in other words, to the sleeping area. This design is supposedly able to withstand wind speeds of up to 40 km/h.

For far and near expeditions

If this isn’t enough for someone, Heimplanet also offers other tents, including a model called Mavericks, which is resistant to wind gusts blowing with a speed of up to 180 km/h! This tent has been prepared with the view of the event Red Bull Storm Chase. During this challenge the strongest wind reached the speed of 155 km/h - windy weather, however, wasn’t able to sweep the tent from the ground, nor even damage it.

Such tent seems to be the perfect choice for people, who opt for high-altitude hiking. Moving from place to place, they need shelter, which can be quickly unfolded and which will protect you from difficult weather conditions.

According to the manufacturer, one person is able to inflate the tent in less than 10 minutes, while two persons – in less than 5 minutes. Deflating will be of course even faster.

Expedition tent costs nearly 5,000 euro. It’s a lot. But there are also cheaper options. For a 2-person tent Wedge you will pay 449 euros, while for the 3-bedded Cave - 549 euros. These tents can also be instantly inflated, but they won’t be good for the extreme conditions.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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