Hobby Landhaus

Hobby Landhaus - a house on wheels

European caravanning market changes constantly, especially in the catalogues of leading manufacturers (Italy and Germany) fighting for a wealthy client. Polish fans of camping relaxation are familiar with the German company Hobby - a manufacturer of many caravans available on the secondary market.

Structures that come from the 80s, in terms of design and equipment, are suitable only for museum. In our opinion, the flagship model of the manufacturer from across the Oder River, has a completely different purpose. We’re talking about Landhaus. Already at the first contact with the caravan mounted on biaxial chassis, raises a lot of questions regarding the dimensions, equipment, design and price. This unrestricted structure was created apart from the generally accepted principles of aerodynamics. Almost vertical walls, together with roof protruding from every side, generate huge air resistance while driving - which only enhances the effort of the towing vehicle (Landhaus weighs nearly 2 tons). On the other hand - nice shapes indicate a huge space inside.

Homely space

The manufacturer called his top model "Landhaus" not without a reason - which clearly shows his character. It has to be mentioned that despite the length of the interior (730 cm), this caravan offers only four sleeping places. A reasonable number of places allowed designers to plan the interior in a fanciful manner. As befits a high-end product - the customer has a wide range of options to choose from. They can choose the color, texture and pattern of upholstery, the shade furniture, door handles, and even the floor. It’s also worth to mention the long list of optional extras, among which we find leather upholstery, Pioneer audio system, an oven and solar panels.

Hobby Landhaus

Kitchen and living room

On the left side of the entrance, in the "hemispherical" back of the caravan, the manufacturer provided a convenient lounging area. Around a table with adjustable height extends a massive sofa that is big enough for both family members and guests. It’s worth noting that the entire caravan has a huge amount of windows - if necessary, you can isolate from the outside world with standard blinds (they also protect us from insects). Opposite to the two-piece front door - of course equipped in a window – you can find a fully equipped kitchen. Its furniture and finishes look rather like a modern flat than a mobile home on wheels. Every free space is stuffed with cabinets, lockers, there’re also on-board systems, with Truma heating and boiler.

Toilet, bathroom and bedroom

Delving further into the interior, we find a lockable bathroom and a truly royal bedroom at the end. On the left side there’s a full-size shower with tray, and behind wooden doors you can find bathroom with chemical toilets and sink. The remaining space was left for a double, spacious bed - also surrounded by windows. Other two beds are created after folding the table and unfolding the couch.

Hobby Landhaus cost at least 26,000 euros. At this price we get almost a mobile apartment for four people.

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2017.02.23 05:19
How much could I expect to pay for this Landhaus as described above in Spain?