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Hobby motorhomes for 2015

Hobby Optima 2015 Hobby Optima 2015 Hobby

In 2015 Hobby customers will have a choice of three basic models of partially-integrated motorhomes: Siesta, Optimum and Premium. A new feature is also a special, limited edition of model Premium called Anniversary Edition GE 30.

Hobby refreshes its camping vehicles. The most popular model, due to the favorable value for money, is Siesta.


In 2015 this motorhome will be available in nine interior layouts (currently there’re six). Models are available with single beds and double beds in the form of an alcove above the heads of the driver and passenger or drop down bed that uses a convenient pneumatic mechanism. Kitchen may be tiny or with additional worktop.

Hobby Siesta 2015

An important change – in the new model almost every bathroom (with one exception) is the same and has a shower tray in the shape of a circle.

Siesta is available in versions with a length of 5.999 mm to 6.999 mm, but in every case the maximum permissible gross weight amounts 3.5 tons. There’re even two widths: 2.180 and 2.340 mm. In versions with a garage the floor and the bottom edge of the load in the garage part was lowered.

When it comes to the construction, the walls of Siesta were filled with XPS foam, while the roof was made of GfK plastic (polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber), which ensures tightness, good sound insulation during the rain and better resistance to hail in comparison to aluminum. The chassis was also made ​​of fiberglass and XPS foam, through which run installation wires, including central heating pipes. The whole installation is resistant to frost.


Customers will have an even bigger choice of options in the case of model Optima, which comes in 11 varieties. The smallest Optima is 6734 mm long and its width amounts 2.160 mm. Other variants have a width of 2.330 mm. The longest motorhome measures 7.500 mm. In any version the permissible weight doesn’t exceed 3.5 tons.

Hobby Optima 2015

A characteristic feature of this model is an opening sunroof over the heads of the driver and passenger - unfortunately, it requires a surcharge. Additionally, Optima distinguishes itself with a garage door with gas brackets, as well as front doors that’re wider than usual (with built-in trash can and brush).

An interesting solution is a mosquito net in the form of sliding door, with which you can cover the opening next to the outside doors. The door handle is covered with upholstery and has a LED backlight. Just like in other motorhomes and caravans from Hobby, also in Optima you can install the control system CI-BUS, which allows to manage the on-board equipment.

In some versions, there’s a bathroom with a separate, lockable walk-in shower. In many variants, the kitchen has a comfortable, “L” shape. The whole interior lighting is made in LED technology.


At the top of Hobby offer is model Premium. It‘s available in four different variants with lengths ranging from 6.994 to 7.444 cm. Three versions have drop down bed, in each we can find a shower cabin separated from bathroom and L-shaped kitchen.

And what about the equipment? Decorative LED strips and dimming system "Romantica" are supposed to give the interior the right atmosphere (and save energy), as well as a drop down, electric bed.

The entire interior design of this model is more luxurious in comparison with other Hobby motorhomes, as evidenced by the combination of dark wood with white surfaces and silver finishing.

Premium Van 65 GE - 30 Years Anniversary Edition

At the top there‘s model Premium in version Anniversary Edition, which was created to celebrate 30 years of manufacturing motorhomes by Hobby.

Hobby Premium 2015

In contrast to the above-mentioned models, this one is based not on Fiat Ducato, but on Renault Master. In terms of equipment it’s simply an "all inclusive" version, which has a lot of extras in standard. In this case you don’t have to pay extra for additions such as alloy wheels, electric mirrors, retractable awning, air conditioning or cruise control.

The motorhome is equipped with a double bed with a large indentation between its two parts. However, it can be filled completely, thus forming one surface. So the same place to sleep may serve as two almost separate beds, or it can create one large bed for a couple.

The length of Anniversary Edition model amounts 7.116 mm, while width 2,140 mm.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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  • dingo 2014.09.11 09:08 wrote:
    Yes you are right Eliza, Ducato is a little bit cheaper but there is no such a big difference. I also prefer Master, maybe because I use to drive with it 170,000 KM during one year while working in a transport company, and had no problems with it while Ducatos had to be serviced regulary. But during trips with motorhome you dont make so many KM as transport companies so maybe Ducato is good enough.
  • Eliza 2014.09.10 15:33 wrote:
    Maybe it's better but during fairs in Dusseldorf I saw awesome motorhomes based on Ducato. For me it's a good car and of course much more cheaper.
  • anonymous 2014.09.10 12:14 wrote:
    Finally a Renault Master than Ducato I think it is much better car than Fiat
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