Hobby Premium

Hobby Premium - for good start

Every year, hundreds of amateurs of caravanning face a difficult choice – motorhome or caravan? Deciding to tow our mobile, holiday home, we can choose the offer of German manufacturer. For several decades, company Hobby has been systematically developing its model line. Premium is the model presenting very nice in the catalogue of the manufacturer from across the Oder River, and according to many users satisfies the demands even of the family of four.

First impression

Already at first glance, Hobby Premium stands out against other competing caravans. Modern design combined with refined attention to detail adds up to an interesting whole. White body is enriched with long, tinted windows and stickers. The rear lights are made with LED technology, which only makes the caravan look more attractive. Designers also took care of the aesthetics of the front part - rather than in a separate box, gas cylinders are installed in a lockable storage.

Mobile studio

Once inside we see a high quality wood wardrobe with hangers. Depending on the option of equipment – you can hang a TV on its side. Underneath the manufacturer placed central heating system Truma, thanks to which we can successfully use the caravan also in autumn. In the rear of the vehicle there’s a place for lounging. Around a rectangular table – made of wood – are located comfortable sofas. Apart from a designer lamp, the manufacturer has installed capacious, lockable lockers.

Hobby Premium

The Kitchen

Next to the entrance door, on the right side, we have a full-size kitchen. Thanks to a three-burner gas stove you will prepare meals without any problems. In the kitchen counter we can also find a spacious sink - both stove and sink, we can cover with a glass top. Below there’s an oven and a large number of cabinets and drawers for kitchen accessories. In the motorhome you can also count on a fridge.

The Bathroom

On the opposite side of the interior, owners can use a full-sized bathroom. The manufacturer equipped it with a chemical toilet, sink and cabinets capable of fit in the bare essentials and accessories. Optionally, you can also get a version with shower cabin.

A real bedroom

When customizing caravan Premium Hobby we have to decide how the bedroom located in the front part of the interior should look like. There’re two options. When choosing the first one we get two separate beds, with practical nightstand placed between them. In the second option there’s a double bed. In each configuration you can find lockable cabinets installed under the ceiling. Prices of this model oscillate around 97,000 PLN (around 22,000 EUR) - of course when ordering more extras the price will raise as well.

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