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A modern design and a nice and functional interior with exceptionally rich lighting, are the main characteristics of the new motorhome from German brand Hobby. To make it even more interesting, this vehicle was based on Renault Master.

Trendy, slightly angular shape can be enjoyed. Uneven, black strip on the side of the body looks like it was marking the line of windows. And even though it's just an optical illusion, it attracts the attention. Such a bit of avant-garde is perfect in order to gain the sympathy of younger customers and don’t scare the older ones.

Light, I see the light!

Furnishing specialists have long known that in order to make the space seem larger and more spacious, it must be furnished in bright colors, it must have large windows and as many points of light as possible. The last solution wasn’t that easy until recently, because of very power-consuming, typical bulbs. But today, when the LED systems are common and much cheaper, motorhomes manufacturers no longer have excuses for dark interiors.

So far, it was Hobby, who did the homework from the application of modern lighting. I haven’t come across such a large number of lights in any other motorhome. Under cabinet lighting? Yes, it’s right here. But there are also strips above the cabinets.

Smoothly sloping line of the skylight in front of the vehicle was emphasized by LED lighting. More light points were also installed next to this window. In the frame of the side window and over the kitchen countertop were mounted both the light strip and a socket 230 V (in the entire motorhome there’re five such sockets). In the vehicle we can also find reading lights over the beds and touch lights facilitating reading maps in front of the vehicle.

It’s worth mentioning, that the floor, shower tray and shower panel are also highlighted. If it wasn’t enough, there’s even an illuminated Hobby logo on the seatbacks of the driver and passenger, as well as logo on the back of the vehicle, between the lights . LEDs above the entrance to the motorhome are rather an obvious thing.

Interior lighting can be dimmed. The Romantica system will not only bring a pleasant atmosphere, but also will help to reduce the power consumption.

During the day, natural light won’t encounter too many limitations either. Three roof windows (including the one in the bathroom) and side windows, provide ample natural light. Just a little bit worse may be only in models equipped with beds lowered electrically, which are suspended from the ceiling during the day.

Premium equipment

Soft-closing drawers in the kitchen have become a standard, as well as a 3-burner stove or sink, in this case with an elegant battery. However, an untypical solution was placing an additional pantry under the doors of the fridge. The fridge has a capacity of 140 liters, while freezer - 12 liters, but the capacity of the latter can be regulated.

Although we are dealing here with a van, just like in larger vehicles the toilet door may as well constitute a partition between the bedroom and living room. The bathroom is quite tight, nonetheless the place was used pretty cleverly. Spacious corner cabinets, lowered sink, shower panel, and even a tray covered with a soft mat (it’s a part of the floor of the toilet) allowed for an excellent use of the available space.

All appliances in the vehicle can be controlled by a central system that can be integrated with up to 15 devices (including those, that will be installed in the future).

Equipment can be considered rich. Only a few vans can boast of a heating system Truma Combi 6 in standard. Without any extra charge we get pleated blinds, which protect front and side windows against light and prying eyes.

Hobby Premium Van can boast of a large number of cabinets. Right at the entrance there’s a wardrobe for jackets, while larger cabinets can be found in the sleeping zone. One proven solution is the wardrobe for shirts placed under the bed, integrated with a mobile hanger.

The equipment includes an insulated sewage container with a capacity of 96 liters (placed under the floor), a 100- liter fresh water container (under the seat, near the heating pipes), and a water pump. In some versions there’s even a large garage with a convenient door, opening upwards.

And all this for 55 thousand EUR

The vehicle is available in four variants. Each has a width of 2.14 m. The inside height is 1.98 m, so that most tall people will feel pretty convenient.

The motorhome is available in three lengths - 6.273 mm , 6.845 mm and 7.116 mm. The shortest version of the car costs 54,750 EUR in Germany. The vehicle may accommodate - depending on the version - from two to four people.

Each Hobby Premium Van has a permissible maximum weight of 3.5 tons.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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