Hobby Siesta Alkoven

Hobby Siesta Alkoven - functionality on holiday

The offer from manufacturers of caravanning equipment changes with each season. Companies introduce more and more interesting models, configurations and options of equipment. This doesn’t mean, however, that the proposals known for years recede into the background. Searching through the catalog of one of the most popular German manufacturers - Hobby - attention is drawn to the model Siesta Alkoven, which is quite a reasonable proposition on the market.

Not every caravanner has the same needs and expectations concerning the motorhome. For some of us, a budget, fully integrated motorhome, will be enough. Others need something more spacious. From the outside, Hobby Siesta Alkoven looks like any other motorhome in its class – the vehicle based on the chassis of Fiat Ducato was enriched with interesting labels. Huge rear-view mirrors are proving to be very useful while driving, as well as reversing sensors. When choosing a motorhome with an extensive alcove we have to be aware of an enormous air resistance that it generates, because it translate into diesel consumption. So it’s worth to consider ordering of one of more powerful engines from the offer, because thanks to it driving will be much more pleasant.

Functionality from across the Oder River

Driver’s cab was taken straight from Fiat Ducato - solidly fitted dashboard will remain in a good shape even after years of intensive use. Driving position guarantees comfort even after several hours of driving. In terms of additional equipment we can count on the automatic air conditioning, radio, onboard computer and full electrics. As in the majority similar structures - front seats can rotate, creating a comely living room with a small table in the middle - of course we can unfold it (behind it was placed a double couch with seatbelts). Over the cab and the living room there’s an alcove, which provides a comfortable resting place for two people. To lighten the interior, roof and side walls were facilitated with tilting windows.

Across the table we can find a kitchenette. Two-burner gas stove, sink, refrigerator and plenty of cabinets and drawers turn out to be very useful during the holidays. Going further we get to the huge closet and a lockable bathroom equipped with a chemical toilet and a shower cabin. In the rear part of the vehicle the manufacturer provided a place for two bunk beds - not just for kids.

Hobby Siesta Alkoven can also be equipped with heating system Truma, which also provides hot water - drawn from a tank or directly from the network. Under the bunk beds there’s a storage compartment for various sorts of camping equipment - car seats and other. You can get to it through the door on the right side of the vehicle.

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