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Hobby Siesta Van 2014 - sets standards

During fairs in Dusseldorf was presented a new, refreshed range of campers by Hobby. Let’s take a closer look at the smallest model in a whole new form. Because of its attractive price Siesta Van may turn out to be the most popular camper by Hobby.

Siesta Van comes in two versions. V60 GF measures 5,999mm, and its basic price is 39,990 euro. V65 GE is 6,690 mm long and costs from 42,900 euro. Both versions in standard can accommodate two persons. In the shortest version the main bed is double, in longer - we have twin beds. Permissible vehicle weight in both cases is 3,5 tonnes.

The width of the vehicles is 2,18m – according to the manufacturer it’s an advantage, because of the relatively small dimensions it’s easy to manoeuvre even in tight streets.

Made of glass fiber

The chassis and the roof of Siesta Van are the elements made of glass fiber. Such a roof, according to the manufacturer provides better protection against hail than a conventional roof made of aluminum. The roof made of glass fiber also deadens the noise more effectively. The floor is insulated with XPS material , which shows a high resistance against dampness.

Spacious compartments

Because here we’re dealing not with an expanded camper, but with a van, there won’t be too much place inside. The manufacturer had to choose, whether to leave more space or apply possibly the biggest compartments. Practical Germans have decided that the compartments, cabinets and mini garage are the most important. And the garage is really impressive.

A lot of light

Each model of Siesta Van is equipped in LED lighting (including reading lights), as well as in three opening sunroofs with roller blinds. Also in side windows were mounted double roller blinds protecting against sun and insects.

It’s worth to notice that new interior is light colored and has double colored furniture, what makes the interior look modern and neat. The table, though may seem quite small, is unfolded.

Safe kitchen

Cooking will be more pleasant thanks to spacious drawers (each with the function of soft closing). A 96 liter fridge is mounted as a standard, though you can also choose 140 liter version. 3 burner gas stove is equipped in a blockade that cuts the gas when the fire dies out.

In the kitchen installed one of the tree outlets 230V, where you can connect any device. Also in the kitchen is central gas distributor with clearly marked valves for a gas stove, fridge and heating system.

What’s in the equipment?

The sewage container has a capacity of 92 liters, while the water container – 100 liters. 90 liters is the capacity of fuel tank. Water and sewage container are heated, what protects them against freezing. In both versions you can find a place for two gas bottles.

Controlling light, on-board devices and heater is possible thanks to separate electronic panels. Cabinets in the camper are lit and ventilated, which prevents them from dampness and mould .

Bathroom is very spacious, separated from the rest of the vehicle by solid doors. Toilet and sink are located on the outside of the glass shower. Practical shelves above the shower handset provide place for soaps, shampoos and other cosmetics. Mirrors, sunroof and LED lighting make the bathroom appear slightly larger than it really is.

Certanity included in the price

In conclusion, Siesta Van in the version for 2014 presents very good, and can easily set standards in its class. Siesta Van is a good option for those, who don’t want to spend days and weeks on choosing the proper equipment, but want to immediately buy a sensible car in a nice price, but decently equipped. Hobby Siesta Van is a certainty of a good choice.

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