Hobby Premium

Hobby Premium

Can a caravan be luxurious? Of course it can, and a great example of that is the German series Hobby Premium.

Currently, the caravans from the top series Premium are available in 12 different configurations. The main differences regard the total length, which is from 668cm to 950cm. It is also connected with the permissible gross weight. In the shortest model it is 1500kg, in the longest 2300kg.

The differences are also visible in the interior arrangement and equipment. The largest models have 5 sleeping places, while the smallest models can fit in maximum 3 people.

The size of the camper has an enormous influence on the price. The smallest model costs around 19 thousands euro, while for the most expensive you have to pay 27 thousands euro. The approximate prices of other models oscillate around 22 thousands euro.

What do we get in return? Surely an incredible design. Every caravan from the premium series looks phenomenal. Streamlined, yet not too soft lines of the cabin perfectly suits modern cars. Even if a well-known actor has decided to get out of such caravan right on the red carpet in Hollywood, it wouldn’t arouse too much sensation- after all, it’s a caravan you will be proud of.

The trailer is distinguished not only by its looks but also by an extraordinary amount of compartments. One is located above the front doors. To use it, you don’t have to open the entire door, you can only open the upper part, in which you can keep most needed items, such as sunglasses, towel or suntan lotion, etc. Another compartment you will find on the side of the caravan at the bottom part - in this case the access to it is also provided from the outside.

Equally noteworthy is the large, external compartment for gas bottles. From the outside, we also have the access to a power outlet and to the fresh water container (with the water level sensor).

The whole caravan is distinguished by large and nicely designed lights. The rear lights include, for example, a fog light. Caravan Hobby Premium also has a clear front marker lights (upper and lower). The lights are also above the door (from the outside).

Inside, you can be surprised by the carpeted floor, sun blinds and high-quality materials (wood finishing is also possible). Kitchen drawers close softly, without annoying knocking. Inside, there’re not only a lot of compartments, but also a lot of lights. In addition to triple ceiling light, that look like a chandelier, there’s also a place for a reading light or cabinet lightning.

You will like the bathroom sink in the form of a little through. However less you will like the fact, that while using the toilet, feet have to be kept in the shower.

A real advantage is a kitchen with three, covered gas burners and a covered sink. A 140-liter fridge is also nice.

For an extra charge you can get, among others, an oven, microwave and more expensive upholstery compositions. Some models are equipped with an additional heating system from Truma. to the caravan you can also add a marquee, which is easy to install and serves as a spacious veranda.

Summarizing, Hobby Premium caravan should be a good choice even for the most demanding lovers of camping. However, it cannot be recommended to those, who count every penny.

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