How to convert a small car into a motorhome in a minute?

In the past two decades the automotive market has changed enormously. Drivers very willingly buy kombi vans – passenger cars that also serve as small vans. These extremely popular designs also appealed to those, who are active. Spacious interior is big enough to fit in a lot of luggage and holiday gear. It’s not surprising that a number of accessories designed especially for caravanning enthusiasts appear on the market all the time.

What and for whom?

It is widely known that German companies are leading players in the caravanning market. Their innovative products make life easier and in the case of Ququq solution also allow you to convert popular kombi van into a double bedroom with outer kitchen. In cars, such as Volkswagen Caddy, Fiat Doblo, Dacia Dokker, Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner, Renault Kangoo and Opel Combo luggage space and the length of the interior allow for multiple configurations and arrangements.

How does it work?

It would seem that such modification is a task for a specialist company dealing with this kind of work. Nothing could be further from the truth - as confirmed by the manufacturer, the whole operation takes about one minute. How does it work? When not used, Ququq can be hidden in the trunk. Due to the size of the product, it’s worth to ask another person for help. The set includes a rectangular trunk, with a mattress on a folding frame attached to it. While driving the car's behavior doesn’t change, but during a stopover – it does.

After stopping the car, front seats should be pulled to the front, while the rear seats folded in a way that will give us a needed space. At this point, we place the mattress and the sleeping place is ready. Double bed measures about 2 meters in length - depending on the model of vehicle. But the sleeping place is not the only feature of the equipment.


A chest, occupying almost the entire trunk is the heart of this set. It’s not only the basis for the back of the bed. In its interior you can find a wealth of practical accessories. After opening it we get a wide shelf and the access to a sliding-out gas stove - after its removal we can cover the burners from wind with special plates. Below the hearth, on the shelf, there’s a place for kitchen accessories. In the central part of the trunk you can store two unfolding seats. Right next to it you can fit travel bag. On the right side of the trunk, the manufacturer installed a retractable sink, above it there’s a container with a tap – a bit primitive, but effective solution.

Ququq instantly allows you to transform an ordinary passenger car into a mobile bedroom for two. By spending 2190 euro (plus shipping cost) – after 2-4 weeks, we get a set that is ready to install. Removing it from the inside is just as simple activity.

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