How to equip the caravan or motorhome

Although the most important decisions regarding the equipment we make already when purchasing a specific caravan or camper, there’s nothing to prevent to take care of the proper equipment a bit later.

The list of equipment, with which we can furnish our mobile home, is so long that the main constraint will regard our financial ability and the capacity of our vehicle. And because the space is always limited, it’s worth to analyze what do we really need when going on such journey. Let’s consider the conditions in which we’re going to travel, because people, who use the caravan mostly during hot days at a campsite will need different things than those, who visit countries in different climatic zones and spend most of their time on the move.

Serious investments

The most important aspects are probably related to the heating and cooling. Nobody wants to freeze or be fatigued because of too high temperatures during desired holidays. The heat issue can be solved by heating systems.

The most popular solutions used in camping vehicles, are Truma products. Many products of this brand are modular, so you can connect them together like bricks. The advantage of this solution is the possibility of adding more items in the future, without putting your budget at risk.

The crucial thing is the heater - usually supplied by a gas cylinder. The heaters can have different power. The larger the vehicle, the stronger should be the heater. Devices, which can be alternatively supplied by a gas and electric current are the best solution.

A boiler, which will heat the water, is a great option. Among the solutions, particularly worth recommending are systems connected to heating the cabin. Thanks to that, the heater that provides warmth in the caravan or camper will also heat the temperature of the water.

But what to do when it gets too hot? Then it’s good to have an air conditioning. Most popular are models offered by Electrolux and Truma. The majority of air conditioners are mounted under the ceiling, but there are some that can be installed in the floor. Thanks to that the roof doesn’t have unnecessary ballast .

The installation of solar panels definitely counts as a big investment. If someone is going to spend a lot of time without an access to electricity from the wall outlet, may consider installing the panels on the roof.

Useful accessories

Since most of the camping equipment is supplied with gas from a cylinder, it’s worth to consider buying a set of special regulators, thanks to which if one bottle runs out of the gas, it automatically starts taking the gas from the second one(and without interrupting the operation of any device).

Another important issue are the marquees, roller blinds, or vestibules, which at a campsite will provide you a shelter from the sun, as well as a private space around the vehicle.

A simpler and cheaper solution are the marquees and roller blinds usually mounted on the side of the caravan or camper, attached to the roof. They can come in the form of a cassette installed permanently, from which, if necessary, slides out a fabric that serves as a roof. There are also versions in which the marquee is kept in the case. After taking it out, you can temporarily attach it to the vestibule. The most expensive ,but also the best option for the long stay at a campsite are the vestibules, which additionally have fabric walls.

Those who travel with bicycles cannot forget about the carrier usually mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

While driving with the caravan, additional mirrors will be very useful. They enable you to thoroughly observe the caravan.