Off-Road camper

How to prepare yourself and a motorhome for off-road trip

Carvanning is more and more popular each year, also in Poland. More and more people buy branded tourist equipment designed for long holiday trips. Most of us choose well known destinations in western, and especially in southern Europe. Enjoying the beauty of the azure coast, Croatian pebbly beaches and other attractions has already became boring for many amateurs of caravanning. Those, who want to feel some thrill and get to know new, unknown areas, decide to explore Eastern Europe and “suburbs” of Asia.

Unfortunately - a journey through the vast Russia or Kazakhstan will end very soon with a lot of failures of even a new motorhome. The tragic condition of the local road infrastructure, poor quality of available fuel and very often lack of paved roads lead to the devastation of the suspension, chassis and drive unit. To smoothly fulfill the eastern escapade, we should opt for offers prepared by companies specializing in the construction of real, off-road motorhomes. In addition to exorbitantly expensive Mercedes Unimog, costing over a million PLN (250 000 EUR), the market also offers structures in much more accessible prices. In most cases, they are based on popular pickups or off-roads, such as Nissan Navara, Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Land Cruser HZJ.

Off-road motorhome - other expectations

To buy one of these vehicles, we must unfortunately use the offer of companies importing those unusual vehicles to Poland - most of them is manufactured in Australia, but is offered in Germany. At the very beginning, before making decision of purchase, we need to be aware of the conditions offered by these motorhomes. Residential building that is mounted instead of cargo crate usually includes only two sleeping places, practical kitchen, plenty of functional storage compartments, cabinets and sealed containers. We have to forget about comfortable couches, bathroom or high interior. During parking, the seemingly small living area can be increased thanks to "tents" unfolded on the roof. This configuration guarantees the safety for users while resting. Inside, we can only count on lighting, air conditioning (or heater).


When buying an off-road motorhome we have a very easier task. Besides controlling the mechanics and replacement of fluids we can focus on the accumulation of stocks. For the safety it’s worth bringing your most necessary tools and spare parts, which are the most prone to failures. Each off-road motorhome is equipped with a carefully prepared compartments, where you can keep a stock of food for a few weeks - optionally we can get a one hundred liter clean water tank.

When traveling to not too popular areas, we should also take care of ourselves. Getting to know the rules and culture will be very helpful. Let’s not forget about the vaccination and insurance.

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