How to rent a motorhome?

If you’re interested in travelling, but don’t want to explore the world peeking out the window of a hotel room, nor running after the guide who tries to realize tight schedule, think of a camper. What’s important, you don’t have to buy one in order to start the adventure of your life.

A motorhome, that is a camping vehicle, will make that during your holidays you won’t feel limited anyhow. No more dependence on the availability in hotels, or whims of travel agency. You can go by yourself wherever you want, and spend there as much time as you want.

If you want to begin the caravanning adventure, you don’t have to immediately buy a camping vehicle. Before you decide, check, if such kind of leisure will be suitable for you. The best choice would be to rent a motorhome.

What’s worth to know before choosing an appropriate rental? First of all, check the prices. Importantly, they’re not rigid. The price depends on the kind and size of a vehicle, as well as on the season. This means you’ll pay a lot more for a well-equipped camper for six people in the summer, than for a four person vehicle, which doesn’t even have an air-conditioning, in the winter season.

Besides, some companies give you discounts if you rent a vehicle for at least 14 days, if the rental is made by a regular customer, or when renting more than one vehicle at a time (e.g. when you travel with a group of friends)

The rental price shapes around 300-600 PLN gross/day. Estimating the costs, you should also take under consideration the refundable deposit of approximately 4000-5000 PLN.

You have to be aware, that rental company will charge you for not returning the vehicle on time, as well as for any damage. Estimating the expenses, you should also take into account that you’ll have to cover all costs associated with the exploitation of the motorhome during the lease (except the costs of possible repairs).

What’s important, besides the fact that the majority of the motorhomes available in rentals are vehicles up to 3,5 t, so you only need the driving license cat. B, it may happen that there’ll be bigger vehicles which require the driving license cat. C.

All rented vehicles should have liability insurance and AC bought by the rental owner. Previously, however, you need to check whether the insurance is in force in the country to which you plan to go. It sometimes happen taht the insurance provides some exceptions (eg in the countries of Eastern Europe).

Motorhome rentals can be found almost in every voivodeship city, as well as in the number of smaller towns. Remember, however, that when choosing the right company you should not only be guided by its proximity. Sometimes it's better to look a bit farther, but be sure that you’ll rent a vehicle on good terms. Therefore, you should consider few companies, get to know their regulations (usually published on the websites of rentals), and only then make the choice.

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