Hymer ML-T

Hymer ML-T – going camping in a Mercedes

Hymer has prepared quite an interesting novelty for this years’ CMT fairs in Stuttgart, which will be held in January. It’s a model ML-T, for which the base is Mercedes Sprinter. Hymer ML-T is a semi-integrated vehicle, so it looks like a typical delivery car from the front, but in the back, instead of a luggage, it has a camping space. You can choose between versions with a 4-cylinder engine with 129 HP, or 6-cylinder engine with 190 HP. You may as well opt for an automatic, 7-speed gearbox 7G-Tronic.

Only for two

The car is available in two variants of bodywork, with two different arrangements of sleeping places. Version 560 has one double bed, while in 580 there are two separate sleeping places. So, even though that 4 persons can travel in that car, only 2 can sleep there. The manufacturer decided, that it would be better to provide the best possible comfort for two, than squeeze there four people.


Hymer ML-T has a length of 695 cm, and a width of 222 cm. Total height amounts 290 cm, but taking under consideration the usable space of the interior, we have only 198 cm left. In standard, the gross vehicle weight amounts 3,5 tonnes, though you can also order a vehicle with GVW of 3,880 or 4,200 kg.

The advantages of this vehicle surely include a mini-garage. It has dimensions of 100 x 121 cm, which would be totally enough to fit in, for example, two bicycles. In the garage, there’s also a compartment for two gas bottles.

A lot of compartments

The interior of this car doesn’t differ too much from what we can find in other motorhomes, but it’s worth to pay attention to some particular elements. You won’t experience the Egyptian darkness in Hymer ML-T. A huge amount of LED laps and a panoramic skylight in the front of the vehicle provides a lot of natural light. You won’t complain about the lack of fresh air either – the cabinets are ventilated, and above the bed there’s a skylight with an extractor.


A big plus is a big number of various compartments – you can find them literally everywhere, besides, in this Hymer ML-T we will appreciate such facilities like a separate shower cabin, soft-closing cabinets in the kitchen or, in case of using an audio-visual equipment, also a balanced setting of sound in the whole vehicle. So the seats could rotate easily, a handbrake lever can be folded.

The star obligates

When it comes to the question of equipment, there’s no reason to complain either. The fridge has a capacity of 142 liters, which should be enough for two, even voracious people. Heating system Truma Combi 6 takes care of a good temperature inside. In order to be sure, that the heating will be sufficient even in harsh conditions, the manufacturer tested the efficiency in special cold stores.

Water container offers an impressive capacity of 120 liters, with a 20 liter container that may be used even while driving. Sewage container can contain 100 liters. Purchasing Hymer ML – T we’ll get a wooden, rotating table, foam mattresses, and for an extra charge – floor heating, roof air-conditioner, one or two TVs and even an oven.

Hymer offers a Mercedes and the manufacturer treats it pretty seriously. He decided, that the vehicle with the star in its logo will be a motorhome of a higher standard. It looks like it worked – ML-T provides a really comfortable accommodation for two persons, despite the relatively small space inside.

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