Hymer StarLight

Hymer Starlight

Big, well equipped camper based on Mercedes Sprinter – that’s Hymer from the line Hypermobil StarLight, one of the more interesting models, which lately showed up on the market.

Today, the majority of new campers are based on the construction of Fiat Ducato. German Hymer is an exception, because it relies on the experience of Mercedes-Benz company. The basis for Starlight line is Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDI, equipped with an engine of capacity of 2.2 liters. It can reach 163 hp. You can also order a 190 hp version with an automatic gearbox. What’s more, it’s enough to have a driving license category B to drive every version of Starlight.

From the outside, the most outstanding are triple windscreen wipers and xenon headlights. Streamlined shapes of the front of the body are equally interesting, completely different than the those in the Sprinter. However, as it’s in the case with camping cars - to know its main advantages, you have to look inside.

The vehicle is available with three different configurations of the interior, however the differences are not significant. The biggest regard main bed, which can be treated as a double bed (set along or across the axis of the vehicle) or two separate beds. In each version the children's bed is mounted on the ceiling, above the driver’s and passenger’s heads, but during the day it can be electrically lower and converted into a couch. All beds are equipped with high-quality foam mattress. In total, camper can fit up to four people.

What’s important during long trips is the capacity of water tanks. Starlight tank holds up to 170 liters of clear water and 140 liters of dirty water. Also, the fuel tank can be an asset, because it can be optionally increased up to 100 liters. Speaking of the capacity, it’s worth to mention about the 160-liter refrigerator.

Especially noteworthy are elements such as wood, swivel table, night light, lamps in the living room and bedroom and a radio and a TV set. In the car, there is plenty of compartments, while the ceiling cabinets are equipped with ventilation.

But not only the ventilation, but also the heating is a big advantage of the StarLight model. Heat is provided by the heating system Trauma with the power of 6000 W. Hot air outlets are located in many places of the camper. Heat is also provided by hot air curtain above the indicator panel and by the heating cable, which were installed in the rear bed (or beds). If we add to this a good thermal insulation, the car will be a great option for trips into the northern parts of Europe. Breathable inner walls ensure the maintenance of the proper air humidity both in summer and winter.

In the caravans of the higher class, a separate bathroom with a toilet bowl, sink and shower is a standard. It’s the same with this model of Hymer. The bathroom is separated by a solid, wooden door from the rest of the vehicle. The same, warm color of the wood have all the walls in the vehicle. The floor looks as if it was covered with wooden panels, which gives it a home character. In the ceiling was placed a large sunroof. Additional, hinged window is over the sink in the kitchen.

Car is also equipped with systems which increase driving safety, including ABS, ESP, ASR and the electronic brakeforce distribution (EBV).

The prices start from around 82 thousands euro, and the final price, as usual, depends on the individually selected equipment specifications.

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