Hymer Car

Hymer Car

This car doesn’t look like a camper from the outside at all. Were it not for the Hymer sign, replacing the traditional radiator grille, air vents on the sides and the specific side windows in the passenger part, the model Car could be mistaken for a delivery version of Fiat Ducato.

Typical camper has a high and wide superstructure, which distinguishes it from 'normal' vans and delivery cars. In the case of Hymer Car is otherwise. From the outside the car isn’t much different from the regular Fiat Ducato Maxi Furgon. It is 599 cm long, 208 cm wide and 255 cm high.

The manufacturer, wanting to built a camping vehicle on this base, had to deal with a real problem to accommodate all the necessary furniture and equipment in a relatively small area.

In fact, in this model, every inch of space was used. The result is that while the vehicle is quite tight, it can fit in everything that is essential for long and relatively comfortable journey.

Instead of the garage we have special ties to attach bikes, a storage in the floor must compensate for not too many storage compartments in the cabin. Large storage compartment (the entire width of the car) is also above the heads of the driver and passenger. It’s worth mentioning that, as in other Hymers, some cabinets are ventilated.

There’s also a room for a small fridge (70 or 97 liters, depending on the version), and next to the sink are two gas burners. The sink and burners can be covered with a transparent lid. The cupboard was accompanied by a folding top that can be used as cutting board or an extra table, where you can put the dishes.

As befits the camper, the Car model was equipped with a folding table, which can easily fit four people. The entire interior was lit by LED bulbs.

There’s even a place for a small toilet with a shower and sink, which are separated from the rest of the cabin by a space-saving, folding sliding doors. Just by the shower frame were placed heating vents. Shower frame in the day is covered by the floor, because in such a small camper this place servers as a passage between the living and sleeping areas.

The car has a 11-liter boiler, which draws water from a 100-liter container. Also, the dirty water container has a capacity of 100 l. There’s a place for two gas cylinders. In the vehicle there’s only one socket 230 V and one 12 V

Standard version is equipped with two beds, which after placing between them the mattress can turn into one big bed, fitting in up to three people. Optionally, you can install a second double bed. As a result, such a small camper can accommodate up to five people!

Basic Hymer Car, equipped with an engine of capacity of 2.3 liters (MultiJet) with 115 hp, costs a little more than 30 thousands Euro net. For an additional charge you can get more powerful engines. So those, who are looking for an affordable camper, and the small size of the interior is only a minor inconvenience for him, should seriously consider buying Hymer Cara.

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