HymerCar Cape Town

HymerCar Cape Town - campervan for active people

Volkswagen T5 has recently become a fashionable object of modifications. Although its modest dimensions didn’t allow to make it a full-fledged motorhome, a Volkswagen variety California, with pop-up, high roof ignited the imagination of camping vehicles manufacturers.

Hymer - known mainly as a manufacturer of large motorhomes and caravans, under the brand HymerCar offers small camping vehicles based on vans. Currently, the offer includes three models based on Fiat Ducato and one, the smallest, based on Volkswagen T5.

Van with a kitchen annex

HymerCar Cape Town - because that’s how this vehicle was “christened” – may be powered by an engine 2.0 TDI with a capacity of 140 HP or more (for an extra charge). What’s interesting, despite the length of 489 cm, well-thought interior may seem quite spacious.

Here we can find, among others, a kitchen annex which closely resembles that of larger motorhomes. In the Cape Town kitchen we will find a sink with glass cover, two-burner stove, as well as soft closing drawers with a fair capacity.

Beds like in a large motorhome

The vehicle is also fitted with two double beds. One is located at the rear and after unfolding, it covers almost the entire width of the interior, leaning against the side of the kitchen tabletop. This bed has dimensions of 193 x 135 cm.

The second place to sleep was placed under pop-up roof - it is also quite big and measures 193x112 or 193x 127 cm.

For people can freely travel in Cape Town, enjoying its manoeuvrability resulting from the small dimensions, being able to prepare a meal in the evening and get some decent sleep at night. Even when the nights are cold, because this car has an insulated, heated floor made of glass fiber.

A shower and a toilet

What about hygiene? Well, a chemical toilet, sliding out from under the seat, is rather an emergency solution, but well, at least there’s some possibility.

But the shower is definitely an option for a warm day. It’s mounted on the open tailgate of the vehicle. There’s also the possibility to unfold a screen around the tailgate, so that the rear doors constitute a roofing, around which extends the veil.

Small containers, but at least they are

Inside, there’s a place for a wardrobe and the necessary facilities – you can even successfully carry skis. Refrigerator isn’t too big – it has a capacity of 49 liters.

The water container has a capacity of 35 liters, but as its supplementing you may use a 20-liter, unfolding canister. Waste-water container has a capacity of 20 liters. The car also has two sockets 230V and two - 12V.

The manufacturer also took care of such additions as unfolding chairs, which don’t take too much place inside, but after taking them out, they can be easily unfolded. “Normal" seats can be moved and taken out, which increases the possibilities of space arrangement according to the current needs.

The car may have a permissible gross weight of 3 or 3.2 tons, while the load capacity may amount 655 or 855 kg.

For those, who are mobile

HymerCar Cape Town is a successful car, which was probably designed for those customers, for whom mobility is the most important. They won’t spend the whole weeks at the campsite - will rather travel, driving not only on highways, but also on the narrow streets of the cities. And in such conditions, a small van will be undoubtedly better than a big motorhome or a car with caravan.

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