Hyundai IX35 2,0 CDRi - a Korean for holiday

Hyundai IX35 2,0 CDRi Hyundai IX35 2,0 CDRi Maciej Mokwiński

The vast majority of Polish drivers value cars from German and Japanese manufacturers above all, the rest are considered underdeveloped and problematic. For decades, Korean cars were regarded as the epitome of trash and lack of unimaginativeness. However, recently Hyundai and Kia are quickly catching up with many years of arrears, an excellent example of which is the current offer of each brand. For us, the best model in Hyundai's offer is a compact SUV - Model IX35.

The Korean competitor of Toyota RAV4 is conquering global markets since 2010, finding a huge number of customers. Subtle body lines are enriched with xenon headlights and prominent daytime running lights and rear made in LED technology. The manufacturer also designed ribbings running through the entire length of the car– contrary to appearances, such a whole looks very European.

The interior still lacks quality

What can be noticed at first glance is the interior of IX35, and more precisely the clear layout of devices, as well as the aesthetics. With a closer look, however, we’ll see that the quality of applied plastics differ from its European or Japanese competitors. They are hard and trashy – you can see every little scratch on it, and they make this creaky sound when you drive on the roads with many holes. In terms of functionality Hyundai's interior has much more advantages. Front seats covered with ecological leather provide comfort, even after several hours of driving. Similarly the couch, which can easily fit up to two adults. On board of IX35 you will find, among other things, dual-zone automatic air conditioning and onboard computer. The real attraction for the youngest passengers will be a wide sunroof - of course optional. The biggest advantage of the vehicle, however, is a really spacious boot - 591 liters to pack our all holiday equipment.

Behind the wheel

Deciding on the purchase of IX35 with the view of towing a caravan, you should consider the described configuration. Under the hood of the presented copy we can find a two-liter CRDi diesel engine with 136 HP and 320 Nm. It was combined with the classic automatic transmission with six gears. During a peaceful ride, even with a load, the transmission smoothly moves and changes particular gears - only the attempt of dynamic driving ends up with unpleasant tugging and far too long reductions. High torque turns out to be very helpful when towing a caravan (maximum towing capacity of IX35 amounts 2000 kg). Power goes to the front wheels, but we can order an optional rear-wheels drive. Then even a sandy terrain, as well as a truly winter conditions won’t be bad. On the road fuel consumption fluctuates around 7 liters (9 with caravan), in the city it increases to 9-10 units.

On an ideally even asphalt Hyundai IX35 behaves perfectly, coping even with delicate unevenness. Only transverse obstacles or more consecutive rifts causes that the suspension loose its balance – then passengers may feel metallic impacts in the cabin. IX35 powered by two-liter diesel engine, equipped with four-wheel drive and automatic transmission will cost a minimum of 119 000 PLN (26 500 EUR).

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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