IH N-Class 630 SL

IH N-Class 630 SL - a van with a slide out wall

British brand IH Motorhomes knows how to surprise. But this time this surprise may be even bigger than in the case of lime green cars with bright yellow interiors. IH N-Class 630 SL is probably first conversion van with slide out, side wall.

Both from the front and rear the vehicle doesn’t differ much from Fiat Ducato. But when you look at the car from the side, you start wondering what’s going on. On the one hand we have doors that are more typical for caravans than vans. On the other hand, in the part behind the driver’s cab we won’t see either ordinary door, nor slide out door. And yet a careful observer will notice two vertical lines suggesting that the metal was cut.

After turning the key, the wall and sofa... starts to slide backwards. People standing outside the vehicle will also notice the sliding wall. Therefore, we have to be careful and not park our car too close to trees, walls or other vehicle.

Sliding out the wall with sofa has a very positive effect on the spaciousness of the interior. You can put a table next to the sofa and enjoy almost the same space as in semi-integrated motorhomes. Besides, only with a few moves you can transform the sofa into a double bed, measuring 201 x 146 cm, placed across the vehicle.

Magic wall

Right in this place is sliding side wall. To see how it works, just get into the car and put the key to the lock located between the kitchen and sofa.

It may seem that sliding wall is a procedure rather insignificant than practical. And yet, this innovation allows you to design a completely different space.

Untypical arrangement of bed allowed the manufacturer to plan other areas of the vehicle in a completely new way. A comfortable L-shaped kitchen is in the form of the peninsula. If someone is using it, doesn’t have to face the window, and can have a contact with the person sitting on the sofa.

In the rear part there’s a bathroom - very spacious, if we take into account that we’re dealing here with a small van. It fitted not only a chemical toilet and sink, but also a shower.

The equipment of the model N-Class 630 SL may contain everything you could expect from a motorhome: a refrigerator, gas stove, oven and sink with running water. Fresh water container has a capacity of 67 liters, while waste water container - 60 liters.

However, the biggest revelation is still the sliding wall. Thanks to it, N-Class 630 SL won the title of "High-Top Van Conversion of the Year" in the plebiscite Motorhome of the Year Awards 2014.

Will other manufacturers of motorhomes follow IH Motorhomes? We hope that the experiment of this British company will become an inspiration also for its competitors.

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