LMC kamper

In LMC motorhomes bed counts the most

Brand LMC opted for a greater comfort. Motrhomes available in the season 2015 will have better standard equipment, but the biggest news is definitely a drop down bed.

In this respect, LMC is just catching up with its competitors. Bed suspended from the ceiling and adjacent to it, dropped down by pulling a comfortable handle - in some motorhomes such solution has been known already for several years. In LMC it’s a novelty, but you have to admit that it’s a very successful novelty.

Large bed under the ceiling

When the bed is folded​​, we can use the light offered by a number of LED lamps placed on the underside of the bed. When we pull a big and aesthetic grip, we’ll get a comfortable sleeping place in the size of approx. 198 cm x 140 cm, designed for two people. Interestingly, those who’ll "dwell" in this place, can separate themselves from the rest of the motorhome by a curtain.

Hanging bed is an alternative place to sleep. The basic beds can be single or double - usually on the back of the motorhome. However, there‘re variants such as Breezer Lift 747, in which on the back there’s a bathroom occupying the whole width of the vehicle, while beds (single) were placed at the side walls closer to the center of the vehicle.

Another interesting option is Breezer Lift 737 G, where you will find twin beds in the rear, a garage beneath them, and in the central part - a separate, glass-enclosed shower and a toilet part.

It’s also worth mentioning about other changes. These include, for example, closing shelves above the heads of driver and passenger. Previously in this place were located open shelves, thus not too safe to hold anything while driving.

Wall cabinets above sofa and kitchen are combined together into one coherent set - before there were gaps between them. Semi-integrated vehicles are equipped with a new 140-liter refrigerator slim-line from Thetford.

Interesting variants

The manufacturer draws a particular attention to some variants of his new models. Since January 2015, Breezer A 664 G will have (apart from the suspended bed), a bunk bed. Interestingly, the lower bed can be easily moved up, and thus you gain for more storage space for bulky luggage.

Equally noteworthy is the smallest, fully integrated model LMC - Explorer Sport Line 585. Despite its length - 5.99 m, it has a bathroom on the entire width of the vehicle, located at its rear. The dining room can easily accommodate up to 5 people. This model also has a bed under the ceiling.

The flagship model Grand Explorer gained better standard equipment. In this model we can find 18-inch alloy wheels, retractable arm for TV, LED lamps (also in garage) and reading lamps. The bathroom is also fitted in chrome towel and toilet paper holders.

Each motorhome from LMC is made in accordance with Long Life-Technology (without wooden elements in the construction) and has a minimum total weight of 3.5 tons. For an extra charge it may be increased to 5 t. Grand Explorer is an exception here, which already in the standard is a 5-ton vehicle.

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