Eura Mobil Integra Line

Integra Line - a shapely German motorhome

Doesn’t it look nice? Integra line – a fully integrated motorhome of German company Eura Mobil. It’s worth to take a closer look at this model.

The base won’t surprise us. Integra Line is the Fiat Ducato, typically with a 130HP engine, and a permissible vehicle weight of 3.5 tonnes. The power may be, however, increased to 180HP, and the weight to 4.250 kg.

Reinforced fiber

Interestingly, there’re no reminiscences of Ducato from the outside, and the car body won’t escape our attention. It was made of CFRP composites, that is carbon fiber reinforced materials. It increases the rigidity and strength of the body. The walls don’t contain wooden elements.

Let’s take a look at driver’s and passenger’s windows. They’re much wider than typically. Inside, they’re topped with something that looks like a wooden sill. Those are additional compartments, which serve as armrest while driving.

Illuminated interior

That's not the only surprise. Integra can amaze with the amount of light that fills the interior - both the natural and artificial. Five skylights in a relatively small vehicle, it's really a lot.

And it’s not a problem that one of them is hidden right above the bed suspended under the ceiling- even though the light gets through a gap between the mattress and ceiling. Next to it there’s a second window, the largest, and another one is above the kitchen part. Fourth sunroof is located above the main bed in the rear. Fifth is mounted in the bathroom.

But even at night it doesn’t have to be dark inside. Ceilings and reading lights were supplemented with LED strips that surround both the suspended bed, cabinets, and cut across the ceiling. Light effect, combined with two color furniture (mahogany wood and ivory) can be appealing. The whole is completed by 175-liter refrigerator with a door in the color of the furniture. If for someone the fabrics aren’t enough, can order a leather upholstery - in this version the interior looks even more luxurious.

Seven meters of convenience

The motorhome goes in five interior arrangements, each of which is equipped with four beds. There‘re two lengths: 6,99 and 739 meters. The width is always 2,33 meters and height – 2,88 meters. The bathroom can be connected with a shower, but two versions have a separate room for shower. In certain versions the kitchen is set in a convenient shape of the letter L.

The standard version comes with a double floor with lots of compartments, as well as with heated tanks. The standard also include a seven-zone foam mattresses, refrigerator, three-burner stove, a toilet (with a wooden seat), 150-liter fresh water tank and a 100-liter tank for sewage. There’re unfortunately only two 230V sockets. For an extra charge we can get, for example, internal batteries charger, bicycle racks and satellite TV system.

How much does it cost to become the owner of this pretty nice looking camper? In Germany, the price will oscillate arount 70 thousands euro.

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