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Is Fendt Brillant a diamond among other caravans?

Camping Caravan Fendt Brillant Camping Caravan Fendt Brillant www.fendt-caravan.com

The manufacturer is sure that this caravan positively stands out from other, apparently similar vehicles. How is he trying to convince us?

Nice, modern interior and excellent equipment – this is supposed to give Brand Fendt a ticket to the high-end caravans.

Lights and mirrors

Two-color furniture and bright upholstery evoke an impression of spaciousness. This effect is even intensified thanks to the many points of light and designer main lamps over the table and over the main bed. These lamps look like a round mirrors, surrounded by LED lights. It doesn’t only look great, but also reflects light.

If it wasn’t enough, at the top of suspended cupboards are light strips, and the light also radiates from the enclosure of ceiling air conditioning. Additional lighting is above the kitchen table top. Top lights in the bedroom and living room have adjustable light intensity.

A fireplace in living room

The light, however, isn’t enough to beat the competition. Therefore, the best-equipped versions have items, such as heating with fireplace (Truma S5004) and a large, flat-screen TV. All devices can be controlled via a convenient panel, with clearly grouped buttons, but you can do so also by using the remote control.

In the kitchen there’s a 190-liter fridge-freezer, as well as an oven and hood. In the sleeping part beds have adjustable head restraints. The bathroom's mirror hides a comfortable cabinet. The shower and sink is of course a standard, but modern faucet nicely completes the whole.

For four persons

Fendt Brillant is available in four interior arrangements, and in three dimensions. Model SF 560 measures 803 cm, with the usable length of only 570 cm. The curb weight amounts 1,710 kg and the permissible gross weight – 2,000 kg. This caravan easily fits in 4 persons. Only the bathroom with a toilet and shower may be a little bit tight. Sink, unfortunately, didn’t fit in, and had to be placed outside.

Model 560 SG has the same length, but weighs about 20 kg more. In this version, the bathroom is a little bit bigger (and fits in the sink), but all this is at the expense of the place in the rest of the trailer.

Model TF 650 is a two-axle version, and measures 893 cm. Users have 660 cm at their disposal. Most of the space was devoted primarily to additional building, and therefore more things can be put in cabinets and compartments. There’s not that much space in the bathroom and living area, unfortunately. The mass of this Brillant is 1,950 kg and the permissible gross weight – 2400 (or optionally 2500) kg.

If you really want to feel the luxury, there’s version 700 TFD. This two-axle caravan can also accommodate only four people, but here we have a little more space. The biggest advantage in comparison with other models, are three areas connected with hygiene. The shower, sink and toilet are separated from each other. The caravan measures 934 cm, with 700 cm for passengers. The curb weight amounts 2,060 kg and the permissible gross weight is 2,400/2,500 kg.

New caravan Brillant 700 TFD in Germany costs about 43 thousand euro. The basic model 560 SF is valued at about 36 thousand euro.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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