Iveco Daily 2014

Iveco Daily 2014 - what's new?

Since June, there’s a completely new Iveco Daily available on sale. We can say that this model is new in 80%, because that part of the components has been modified or redesigned.

Is this model going to check as a base for motorhomes? It’s supported by the number of arguments, including the offer of long and wide versions that are just begging you to use it as a recreational building.

Good looking piece

Appearance is a matter of taste, but Iveco Daily is very modern and dynamic. This design will certainly appeal to many people. Low loading threshold, high-mounted lights, and larger surface of the windshield are the characteristics that affect not only the aesthetics, but also the practical features of the new Iveco.

The interior looks pretty good as well. Plastics are hard, but seem durable and resistant to scratches. The entire cockpit with the clocks has been designed very nicely and brings to the mind dashboards of passenger cars. One of the examples of functionality straight from the passenger cars are air-conditioner knobs with adjustable, silver rims.

Touch screen allows you to control the navigation with maps for vans, but also to control the radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth and reversing camera. The location of the buttons on the steering wheel (which is smaller than in the previous model) is very convenient.

Seats were placed lower, and their position is going to somehow resemble the position behind the steering wheel of a passenger car. The seats themselves hide many surprises – both seats and backrests are equipped with quite large storage compartments.

In the cockpit you can find an eco button, which allows you to switch the engine into the EcoSwitch mode. It enables a cost-effective operation of the drive unit by limiting the maximum torque, when the car isn’t heavily loaded. Then also turns on a speed limiter to 125 km/h.

Technically promising

New Iveco Daily is available with three wheelbases - 300 cm, 352 cm and 410 cm. The car is offered in lengths from 504 to 750 cm. The maximum height of the car is 210 cm. Permissible gross weight amounts from 3.5 to 7 tons.

Customers can choose between an engine capacity of 2.3 liters or 3 liters. In addition to diesel powered engines, there’re also versions powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). In total, there’ll be up to 9 different varieties of engines with 106 to 205 HP, to choose from. Each engine works in cooperation with a 6-speed gearbox. There’s also automated gearbox Agile. It operates in two modes (selectable) - sequential and automatic.

Iveco has a new suspension that copes well with bumps. The advantage of the car is also a relatively small turning radius.

All these features make that Daily can turn out to be quite friendly vehicle for camping trips. I guess that it’s highly posiible that caravanning companies will introduce motorhomes based on this interesting model.

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