KABE motorhome

KABE motorhomes and caravans - from Sweden

The Swedish company Kabe has been dealing with the production of camping vehicles since 1960. Over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of equipment, that has to cope well even in harsh winter conditions, lets us to believe that the latest motorhomes form this brand meet the challenges of the weather.

Everything started with one man's passion. In 1958, Kurt Blomqvist came up with the idea to build a caravan for his family. The idea proved to be a hit, and not just because the camping trips turned out to be very successful. Kurt’s caravan raised such a sensation that this regular SAAB employee was quickly ordered to produce next caravans, this time for sale. The business was going so well that Blomqvist eventually quit his job and completely focused on the development of the company. Kabe has obtained many patents - this company has developed a floor heating system and constructed the air ducts in the walls.

Scandinavian gem

Today, apart from caravans, Kabe also produces motorhomes. The company’s offer includes three basic models - two semi-integrated and one fully integrated, which looks nothing like Fiat Ducato, on which it was based. Interestingly, each of the models is called Travel Master, and the numeration of each version indicates the vehicle’s length. What’s important, the fully-integrated model comes even in 12 variants – including one with two, and one with three axles.

KABE motorhome

In the Kabe hierarchy, the top model is integrated I910 QB. Overall length of the vehicle is 910 cm, while width - 231 cm. The height reaches 295 cm. The car can sleep 4 people, but when it comes to travelling – there’s place only for 3. In this version, the bathroom is completely separated from the shower, and the line of the countertop in the kitchen has a convenient notch.

Interior solutions are similar to those in many other European motorhomes, while a special feature would be lowering bed, on the bottom of which were mounted strips, with LED lights, in a shape resembling a triangle. A wide selection of upholstery and neat finishing of the furniture are another characteristic feature of Kabe.

The standard comes with, among others, heated waste water container (90 liters) and fresh water container of the same capacity, fridge, hood and oven with grill. Floor heating is integrated with an additional heater under the driver and passenger seats. The equipment also include a boiler, electrically heated windscreen and a main ceiling lamp dimmer.

The Swedish innovations

The body of each Kabe vehicle has a sandwich-type structure - that means it’s composed of layers of fiberglass and wall coverings that protect against dampness. In addition, the use of a thin aluminum plate minimizes the impact of temperature fluctuations.

Particular components of the body are connected by patented plastic bolts which allows a solid jointing, and at the same time are resistant to moisture.

Besides, Kabe patented window frames made ​​of polyurethane, with double panes. The frames are ventilated, and properly insulated.

Among the innovations Kabe you can find a soft ceiling, which provides better acoustics and insulates the roof. And because it’s white and smooth, it reflects the light well, and brightens the interior.

Furniture are produced in manufacturer’s own carpentry shop, which ensures that they are fully adapted to the vehicles, in which they are mounted.

These technical examples best illustrate why it’s worth to pay some attention to caravans and motorhomes from Kabe. In this case it’s not about the original appearance, or the unusual interior layouts, because it would be hard to find it in Kabe constructions. But good facilities and attention to detail is enough to appreciate the hard and thorough work of Swedes.

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