KiraVan - one of a kind

KiraVan is an extreme vehicle built in such a way, so that it could go even for unbelievable expeditions. Nonetheless, the most surprising may be the fact that this camping "monster truck" was designed as a gift for... four-year girl.

This is not the first craziness of Bran Ferren, the co-owner of Applied Mind, which deals with, among others, the creation of software for architectural design.

A few years ago, based on his design, emerged Maximog - a remarkable off-road vehicle based on Mercedes Unimog. From the outside, distinguished by big wheels and rather odd proportions - the vehicle seemed very tall, yet narrow. In relation to the base vehicle, virtually everything was changed, including the whole electronics and suspension, which gained a computer control.

A space toy

KiraVan project is even more amazing. The car has been formed for four years and apparently still isn’t quite ready, but it has to be admitted that it’s not an easy project to accomplish whatsoever.

KiraVan looks like a spacecraft not only from the outside. Powerful sizes, tons of antennas, ladders needed to get inside - all this makes a huge impression.

Inside, we can expect a high-end equipment, but most importantly, a huge number of screens, indicators, switches.

And this applies to both the residential part and the driver’s cab, where we feel like in the cockpit of the aircraft. The dashboard has 11 displays, including 6 touch screens.


Monster Truck

But let's focus on technical issues. The car has three axes, each of which may be driven. The user can choose between 4x4, or 6x6 mode.

When all-wheel drive is turned on, KiraVan is able to reach a top speed of approx. 50 km/h. It's not much, but this drive is designed particularly for difficult terrain. On the road conditions it needs only a 4 wheel drive to reach a top speed of 112 km/h.

Hydraulic controlled suspension, using nitrogen for proper operation, helps in a difficult terrain. The vehicle is able to overcome even the slopes at an angle of 45 degrees, and thanks to large, 46-inch wheels, even small water tanks won’t be a problem for this car. Tires were reinforced with Kevlar, which will ensure the durability even in rough terrain.

Travel without refueling

KiraVan with a caravan weighs 23.5 tons. The vehicle is driven by a six-cylinder turbo diesel with a capacity of 6.4 liters, 280 HP, and maximum torque of 1100 Nm.

Tanks for fuel and water are apparently capacious enough to be able to drive 3200 km without having to refill. If travelers will gather a large amount of garbage on the board, KiraVan even has its own incinerator. The power is provided by two diesel generators and solar panels.

The equipment of this RV class "motorhome" will include even a motorcycle Enduro with 3-cylinder turbo diesel derived from Smart.

Bran Ferren cannot wait for the trip, during which he will show his daughter the United States, and then take her to Europe. So it’s highly possible that we’ll have the opportunity to see KiraVan somewhere on our roads. And also to see if the daughter of Mr. Bran enjoys the gift received from her dad.

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2014.09.16 10:50
This is a vehicle for special missions only
2014.09.15 23:52
WTF? Some kind of imagination or sth ;)