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Knaus Boxlife Knaus Boxlife Knaus

One of the most important events in caravanning industry are fairs held, among others, in Stuttgart. January fairs CMT were attended by many of the leading companies that offer motorhomes, caravans and camping equipment. Among the novelties presented there, the most distinguishing model was the one from German brand. Bavarian company Knaus presented a new product to a wider audience - Boxlife Van Range.

The new line Boxlife

Knaus's owners, in response to demand for compact motorhomes, expanded its model range. New line Boxlife is designed to meet the ever growing demands of the market. In the catalog you will find three interior systems to choose from: 540 MQ, 600 MQ and 630 MQ ME, providing enough of living space for 3-4 people (despite the small size). Boxlife, like most structures of this kind on the market, was based on Fiat Ducato (built-up version). The German manufacturer only slightly altered the appearance by installing a new bumper and contrasting stickers - of course, the customer will have a choice of a number of designs and color variations. Among the elements that distinguish our motorhome from an ordinary Ducato we should mention numerous tinted and tilting windows, sunroof, and air vents proving the special purpose of our vehicle.

Knaus Boxlife

Interior flexibility

Driver’s cab, created by engineers and specialists of the Fiat ergonomics, proves very well during long trips. Virtually every driver will find a comfortable position here, numerous lockers and armrests only make the journey nicer. During the ride we can count on electric windows and mirrors, automatic air conditioning, decent sound, and even navigation - available as an option. To the passenger compartment placed higher leads an electrically retractable stair. Once inside we will see a rectangular table, which is equipped with an additional, sliding out counter. Behind it, there’s a double sofa bed with headrests and mandatory seatbelts. It’s worth mentioning that the front seats can be rotated when we’re parked, thus creating almost a full dining room.

On the opposite side of the interior there’s a room for a modest kitchenette. On a seemingly small size kitchen countertop you can successfully prepare many exquisite dishes, and if necessary the gas stove burners can be covered with glass top. Next to the stove, under another cover, there’s one-chamber sink and beneath it a lot of functional drawers, cupboards and fridge. Over the tilting window, which also functions as the hood, was installed a capacious, closing locker for kitchen equipment. Next to it from the headlining protrudes a control panel of the heating and sound system.

Knaus Boxlife

Lounging area

Behind the rear sofa there’s a space for compact shower and bathroom with sink and cabinets. In front of it there’s a cabinet with central heating at the bottom. The rear side of the motorhome is occupied by a double bed. Interestingly, it’s mounted on a special lift – thanks to which you can place two standing bicycles underneath it.

The new proposal from the company Knaus ranks a little higher in the manufacturer's catalog than the basic Boxstar. This model will cost at least 39,000 euros.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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