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Knaus Boxstar - functionality on a small space

Knaus BoxStar Knaus BoxStar Knaus

For decades, enthusiasts of active leisure used cars to implement their vacation plans. They especially liked delivery cars - buses – which were quickly turned into mobile bedrooms when in hands of those people. The majority of important manufacturers of camping vehicles, in addition to a wide range of "extensive" motorhomes, offers low-budget, integrated models based on buses.

Among them a noteworthy unit is Boxstar Knaus. This basic model of the German brand, like other similar constructions, was based on Fiat Ducato. Its main advantage - apart from the relatively attractive price of 40 700 euros – is small size. In contrast to higher models from Knaus, Boxstar doesn’t cause any difficulties during a typical urban driving. What's more - it provides a much better handling and lower fuel consumption.

The functionality

Driver’s cab is no different from the standard cab in Fiat (we get air conditioning, CD player and electric windows), moreover, driver still has an ergonomic position and numerous opportunities for its regulation. Depending on the interior version, front seats can be turned so to face the residential part, thus creating a dining area for four. Unfortunately - a big downside of the interior for many people is uneven floor – on this cost the manufacturer provides several spacious storage compartments for equipment or board systems (such as oil-fired heating).

Modest kitchenette

The biggest challenge for designers of the budget motorhome was a skillful management of every inch of space. On the left side, behind the sliding door, there’s a modest kitchenette. The cook can use three burner gas stove and a sink, but must deal with a small amount of space. Small worktop in emergency situations can be replaced with the glass cover of the oven.

The bedroom and bathroom substitute

According to the manufacturer, Knaus Boxstar is designed to fit in four people, but in fact, in some versions, it can sleep from three up to five. In the most interesting version, users have two wide bunk beds (located in the rear of the vehicle) at their disposal. Between the bedroom and living area, there’s space for cabinets, as well as for a compact bathroom with chemical toilet and sink (optionally with shower tray).

Deciding on the cheapest motorhome we cannot expect a lot of space, exquisite materials or rich accessories. On the other hand - Boxstar offers more than the minimum of comfort and plenty of storage space - the largest of which was placed under the bed. Above the entrance we can spread a textile roof for a moment.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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