Knaus Sudwind Exclusive

Knaus Sudwind Exclusive - a reasonable proposal

Each year, the market of camping equipment expands. Especially in countries such as Poland every year more and more people decide to buy a motorhome or caravan. Manufacturers from Western Europe, in pursuit of demand, try to enrich their offers as much as possible. Thanks to this, customers have a really wide selection.

One of the most interesting proposals for a reasonable price, 18,000 euros, is model Knaus Südwind Exclusive. Similar structures are built for families, who prefer to spend their free time actively and travel around Europe on their own. For ease of maneuvering at a campsite, the caravan uses a single axle chassis - you have to remember not to go inside when shaft is disconnected from the tow bar because the caravan isn’t stable.

From the outside, Südwind doesn’t stand out with anything particular. A typical design of modern caravans doesn’t impress anyone. To make it more interesting, the manufacturer decided on stickers contrasting with white polish. The front compartment for gas cylinders and other accessories are integrated with living part, thus we receive a compact whole.

Family character

The interior of caravan aiming towards families with young children was designed with regard to the principles of ergonomics and accordingly to suggestions of customers. When entering, the first to notice is a bunk bed for the youngest users, each of which was carefully secured with wooden railings - there is also a ladder. Next to the children's beds there’s a sizable wardrobe, under which the manufacturer installed a heating system Truma S.

Knaus Sudwind Exclusive

Kitchen and bathroom

On the left side of the entrance, we can find a small size table with sofa. Above, there’s a lot of cabinets and shelves for everyday items. Right next to the door, designers put an extensive kitchenette. Holiday chef has at his disposal a three-burner gas stove with ceramic cover, next to which you can find a one-chamber sink. There’s a functional kitchen countertop, allowing to prepare gourmet meals. The space below is taken by 108-liter fridge Dometic (while driving powered by gas) and cabinets.

On the opposite side of the interior, between the largest wardrobe and seating area of the trailer, we can find a small bathroom. Compact sink, swivel chemical toilet Dometic with electric flush, as well as a wealth of practical cabinets are included in the price.

Family holidays on campsite

Lounging area was provided in the front part of the caravan. Around an oval table on three walls stretches a comfortable couch - under which you can find compartments for camping accessories and vestibule. One of the optional extras is a holder together with the installation to hang a TV on the wall of the bathroom. Adjustable arm allows you to set the screen as you want. The other two beds are created after folding the aforementioned table.

Rich offer and wide range of customization options of Knaus caravans attract hundreds of customers each year. Reaching for a reasonably priced model of Südwind Exclusive we’ll get a number of ingenious solutions that are useful during a the holiday trip.

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