Knaus Travelino

Knaus Travelino - ecology and functionality

The German company Knaus Tabbert GmbH this year once again became the leader in sales during the Caravan Salon fair in Düsseldorf. One of the latest proposals of this brand that is esteemed in the caravaning market is an innovative caravan Travelino, which could be seen during the presentation. Those who dream of a small, modern, light, and also practical caravan and so far thought it was a mission impossible for the producers - should check Knaus's project.

Green Caravaning

At first glance, we can see that this time the company Knaus does not focus on aerodynamics, which is so important in the case of the model Caravisio. Lightweight design, suitable facilities, comfortable space and ecological solutions - they count the most. Weight - less than 650 kg may not cause great delight, we could easily find lighter models, but Travelino is longer and wider (length - 4m, width inside - 2.04 m) from many of them. So why such a low weight? This is due to the constructing materials  - laminated panels with a paper core of a structure of a honeycomb, as well as panels of polystyrene foam (XPS), which are lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly. Not only the inside, but the chassis and the vehicle body are made with renewable resources.

Mobile equipment

Multifunctional use of space is one of the main advantages Travelino. Even the bathroom, which is often problematic in such projects, in the caravan Knaus looks promising. Adjustable shower and the movable toilet allow for maximum freedom of movement. The kitchen was entirely designed as mobile (it can be freely used inside and outside the trailer). The caravan is equipped in a refrigerator on wheels, which at any time can be hidden under the bed, like a portable two-burner stove. The storage system uses sliding cabinets, which are above the double bed. The Knaus company really tried to make optimum use of space, so that when traveling, users can have impressive amount (when compared to the size of the caravan) of space. Comfortable furniture, pleasant LED lighting, suitable interior layout only increase comfort.

New trends

Another success of the German company at the Caravan Salon trade fair is no accident. Knaus is really struggling to meet increasing customer expectations, taking advantage of modern technology. Is the Travelino caravan the future of caravaning? Maybe. This proposal is primarily ecological, and what goes with it is also economical and extremely functional. Proof that a small caravan does not have to disappoint, but just the opposite - can delight.

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