La Strada

La Strada - 3 ideas for a motorhome

German company, La Strada, specializes in the construction of the so-called camper-vans. Currently, they have three models in the offer, one of which is based on Fiat Ducato, and two on Mercedes Sprinter.

The cheapest option offered by La Strada are models Avanti. There’re 6 basic variants available, each of which is based on Fiat Ducato.

La Strada Avanti

That's a pretty standard proposal. However, some specific details distinguishing Avanti series from others, are for example interestingly stylized sofas headboards, bold upholstery color options and quite a wide variety of fronts. The offer includes, for example, interiors decorated in silver and red colors. The motorhome is ALSO equipped with 70-liter containers for fresh and wastewater.

Cars are available in two lengths - 599 cm and 636 cm. Avanti L has a double, slightly narrowed bed and a small bathroom with a shower. In Avanti XL, despite the same length of the vehicle, the manufacturer managed to increase both double bed and the bathroom. In Avanti E, sofas placed around the table can be converted into two single beds with a considerable length. In Avanti H, beds are located on two levels - at the bottom and the top.

La Strada AVANTI

Among the longer version we can choose among models C and EB - respectively with double and single beds.

La Strada Regent

Nonetheless, a real fun begins a bit higher. Mercedes, though today not as unaffordable as in the past, is still associated with luxury, and at least with high quality. La Strada has two models of Regent in its offer based on Sprinter. Both motorhomes have a length of 593 cm, and differ mainly in the layout of the interior.

While sleeping part in Avanti is always located at the end of the vehicle, in Regent we have a choice. In S model it’s similar to that from Avanti. The bed is located on the back, perpendicular to the direction of drive. Next there’s a bathroom, and in front of it - a kitchen. In the front we can enjoy a lounging area with a table.

La Strada REGENT

In turn, Regent L has a drop down bed, suspended in front of the cabin, above the lounging area. In a place, in which the S model has a bed, the L model has a bathroom placed along the entire width of the vehicle. For two people it should be a very convenient arrangement, where the spacious bathroom is a very significant advantage.

La Strada Nova

The most luxurious motorhome in the La Strada offer is Nova. The car is available in versions M and L, and an experienced eye will recognize these models already from the outside, because of a bigger number of indentations in the body and the integrated awning. Instead of wide, sliding side doors, here we have narrow doors opening traditionally.

The length of the vehicle is identical to Regent, but interior layouts are different. Nova M has a drop down, double bed in the front and a single one across the back of the vehicle. Thus, the car can sleep up to three people. In the central part of the motorhome there’s a kitchen and a bathroom in a quite decent size.

However, Nova L has a pretty spacious lounging area with four independent seats (including rotating seats of driver and passenger) placed around the table. The double bed is located on the back of the motorhome.

Interestingly, in La Strada every models can also be ordered in a version with four-wheel drive.

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