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On the Lance’s website I click on "Campers". However, I don’t see there any photos of camping vehicles. Instead, there’re only photos of the trucks, with the characteristic “beak”.

Americans have a completely different approach to caravanning than Europeans. In Europe, either caravans or small vans adapted for camping are willingly bought. United States are famous for bus caravans, but also less demanding in terms of budget, truck campers.

A house on wheels

Lance sells exactly such trucks. Nonetheless, the company doesn’t sell the whole car, but only a living area, which is attached to the pickup. The aforementioned "beak" is an alcove placed over the driver’s cab roof – it’s able to fit in a large double bed. Currently, the offer includes 11 version of trucks, and the differences between the models are significant.

The most important is of course length. The shortest model 825 measures approximately 5 meters and is able to accommodate up to 5 people. The longest versions (eg. 1191) are over 6 meters long and can sleep up to 7 people. The differences regard, however, the arrangements of the interiors, although each arrangement has a bed placed on the top, which doesn’t affect the spaciousness of the living area.

Possibility of enlarging

Kitchen may be in the shape of the letter L, or have a standard arrangement (the sink and kitchen next to each other). All versions have a chemical toilet and a shower, and only the shortest model lacks a sink in the bathroom. In smaller models, the bathrooms are really small, and if you want to use the toilet, you have to put your feet into the shower tray. This problem has been solved only in largest models – there showers were placed next to the toilet.

Six of the presented versions have a sliding wall in the dining room. This means that during a stopover you can enlarge the interior, by sliding out the wall (with window), which has a sofa and a table standing next to it.

An ego trip

Hold on tight! In the equipment one of the largest models - 1172 - fresh water container has 158 liters, while in Europe a 100-liter container is rather a unique exception to the rule than a standard. Containers for gray water and sewage have a capacity of 132 liters. Fridge is a bit more typical, although 170 liters is pretty a lot.

Besides, the standard equipment doesn’t surprise. It’s worth take a look at the list of additional items. For an additional charge, our camper truck can be equipped with solar panels, splitter for propane-butane, allowing to connect an outdoor grill, and even a camera with night vision! Such additions as a 24-inch TV with satellite antenna are an obvious thing.

For a new Lance truck you have to spend at least 21,000 dollars. You can find out more directly on moanufacturer website

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