Landhaus Hobby Caravan

Landhaus Hobby - travel with your own living room

Calling this caravan a home, or even a living room on wheels, won’t be an exaggeration. In model Landhaus by Hobby, it would be difficult to complain about the lack of space.

The carvan Hobby Landhaus distinguishes from the rest of the caravans already from the outside. It isn’t a slightly curved booth on wheels, or a super aerodynamic bolide of the latest generation. On the contrary, it’s big and angular. And even its roof, projecting beyond the outline of the body, raises the associations with a house.

Also inside we can feel like in the house, at least like in a holiday house. However, the equipment doesn’t fit this definition at all - very tasteful furniture in the color of light beige wood, interlaced with brown finish and silver handles are associated more with a high-end apartment.

This impression is intensified by the lighting. LED strips found in both on the top and bottom parts of the under-ceiling cabinets and the spotlights, which were installed in the kitchen and bathroom. We cannot forget about the large ceiling lamps in the caravan.

We shouldn’t complain on the lack of light during the day - wide windows extends almost on the entire caravan. If it would bother us during hot and sunny days, we can use cassette roller blinds, which provide a protection both against the sun and insects.

914 centimeters on two axles

Landhaus model is available only in two versions. Version 770 CFE has a bathroom separated by folding door (with a sink, a toilet and a shower). This model has two full-size double beds (one converted from the couch).

Model 770 CL is a novelty, in which a bathroom part is completely separated from the glass shower cabin. In this model, the double bed has been replaced with two single beds. Second, double, is the same as the version 770 CFE. Thus, both can accommodate four adults.

Also, most of the other parameters and equipment in both versions are the same. The full length of the caravan is 914 cm, while the length of the interior is about 730 cm. Typically, the permissible gross weight is 2300 kg (but it can be increased about 200 kg).

A good standard, an excellent option

The standard version goes not only with a spacious interior and high quality furniture. We can expect that in the caravan we will have a water heater (in the kitchen and bathroom), Truma heating system, 50-liter fresh water container, 22 liter waste water container (portable), and a 140-liter fridge (with a 12-liter freezer). This also include an LCD control panel with information about the lighting and the amount of water in the container.

Even more we can get at an extra charge. The additional equipment includes, for example, a leather upholstery, spring bed with a 7-zone foam mattresses placed in a wooden frame, and a Pioneer sound system consisting of DVD/mp3 player, remote control, four speakers and a subwoofer.

That's not all. To the kitchen you can buy an electric oven, a hood and a microwave. We can also have a 14-liter gas boiler, as well as an external water supply. For those, who would like to take care of their thermal comfort, the manufacturer provided the possibility of equipping the caravan with an air conditioning, underfloor heating and a "normal" fan heating . The lighting can be controlled by a remote control.

The Landhaus with no additional "goodies" you have to pay around 21 500 Euros in Poland. Although the price isn’t too low, the product seems to justify its height.

Landhaus Hobby Caravan Landhaus Hobby Caravan Landhaus Hobby Caravan


2017.02.23 05:14
How much is the basic and how much with all the extras like music system, underfloor heating, water heater, etc Thank you.
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How much is this caravan please