LMC Cruiser SportLine

LMC Cruiser SportLine - a lot of advantages, just a few flaws

LMC Cruiser SportLine is a semi-integrated motorhome based on Fiat Ducato. Seems like a standard. However, it is worth to look more closely at this model, because it’s quite spacious, and the manufacturer provides a 12-year warranty on the tightness of the body.

Rather inconspicuous from the outside, presenting a lot of possibilities in the inside. Cruiser SportLine is available in 5 versions – the offer includes 2 models with single beds and 3 with double. The shortest version measures 599 cm, and the longest - 738 cm. There are also varieties with lengths of 698 and 722.5 cm.

Particular versions differ quite considerably with interior arrangements. The bathroom can be placed at the side wall or at the rear. Moreover, it can be combined with a shower or split into two rooms, while the kitchen can have a big or a small table top.

You can load more

For each standard version the permissible gross weight amounts 3.5 tonnes, so you can drive even the longest vehicle having a driving license category B.

Nonetheless, what’s particularly important in this case, is a large load capacity. SportLine models are light enough to be additionally loaded - depending on the version – even up to 860 kg. In the case of the heaviest variant, Cruiser SportLine 712, there’s still 680 kg at your disposal.

The motorhome with a garage

One of the most interesting versions is Cruiser SportLine - 672 G. The letter at the end indicates a garage hidden under high-located, single beds. We can have an access to it not only from the outside, but also from the inside, through a closing opening between the beds. Taking into consideration that the garage is spacious, and the capacity of this version amounts 800 kg, the motorhome can carry a lot of heavy items. Bicycles can fit as well.

The interior of LMC motorhome looks typical, just like the modern tourist vehicles. The advantages include a large number of closets, cabinets, soft closing drawers, clothes hangers, and even a shoe cabinet. Flaws? The hangers are so poor that it would be hard to hang some heavier items there, such as jackets, while the shoe cabinet fits only small sizes of shoes.

When writing about the benefits, we have to mention about the kitchen part with a large table top and a bathroom, with shower cabin with sliding doors in a satisfactory size. In the bathroom we can also find two double cabinets with mirrors. Metal door handle seems to be really solid.

Among the flaws we can find a quite poor lighting. Yes, there are skylights, side windows and dimmable LED lamps, but currently LMC competitors offer much more light points. In the model Cruiser SportLine darkness will be particularly painful if we want to look into the closet under the bed - daylight doesn’t reach there, and there’s no internal lighting.

Users also complain about the folding bed in the dining room. It wasn’t thought out to well, and it’s better to use it as an emergency sleeping place, or as a bedding for small children.

The standard equipment includes fresh water container with a capacity of 102 liters, a boiler, a 95-liter container for sewage and a high quality heating system Truma Combi 6. The standard also comes with a 108-liter fridge-freezer, and even a smoke detector.

Long warranty

The car body uses polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass - the so-called GFK. Roof and chassis are made exactly of this material. The side and rear walls of the vehicle are partly made of aluminum. Thanks to this construction, the manufacturer provides a 12 year warranty on the tightness of the body.

In Germany, prices oscillate in the range of 47,200 to 68,100 EUR (for versions with standard equipment). An interesting extra option is lifted sunroof made of fabric, where you can put an extra sleeping place.

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